Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An unjust act of political vengeance to punish Penangnites

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop is trying to distract attention away from the Federal Government’s victimization of Penang by claiming that the Penang state government is too obsessive with mega projects such as building the monorail system.

Such attacks by Tan Sri Nor only shows his guilty conscience at being exposed for not loving his home state by supporting the drastic cut in development funding for Penang by RM 4.7 billion.Tan Sri Nor should realize that unlike the previous docile state government, the new state government is a people’s government. The new Penang state government leaders will refuse to be treated by the Federal government like a doormat that is “weakened, trampled and ineffective” (as stated in the blog Faith Journey

Any government leader who loves Penang would be upset when projects in Penang are cancelled in an arbitrary and high-handed manner without consultation or justification.Penang is willing to accept cash of RM 4.7 billion to focus on agricultural development to focus on food economics and security as a replacement.

After all, Penangnites also pay tax and it is only fair that the Federal government gives back some of what it takes as it would be a gross injustice to only know how to take but not to give. The question for Tan Sri Nor is how is he helping to develop Penang when he supports the reduction of such funds and removal of projects. If he refuses to refund in cash the RM 4.7 billion taken away from Penang, isn’t such actions tantamount to trying to undermine or even “sabotaging” Penang’s economy.

Such decisions have given the impression that both the Prime Minister and Tan Sri Nor deliberately wants Penang economy to fail. But Penang people will prove them wrong by demonstrating our self-reliance, resilience and ability in accordance with the governing principles of CAT- competency, accountability and transparency.

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