Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Petronas' Huge Profit. What We Got ?

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The federal government linked petroleum corporation, Petronas had today announced a hugely improved profit of about RM61 Billion after a drastic increase of fuel prices made by the BN government recently.As the result of this profit, much of the funds were channelled into the federal government's treasury as annual bonus and dividend.With the increasing inflation as the result of the higher fuel prices and coupled with dissatisfaction amongst us on the rising cost of living, food, utilities, clothings, properties and even basically small amenities.

What had the BN government done so far to ease the burden and pain which are pressuring the people continuously ?What will the RM625 do for us in long term and will that ease our costs burden effectively ? Our next generation, children and grandchildren will have to bear with the current situation in the near future as the result of the highly mismanaged free market capitalist economy.What good does the BN government's capitalist economic policies have for us as majority ?

Todate, it had only benefited much of the BN cronies, rich and elites whereas the moderates and poor remained struggling to have their ends met everyday.Worst still, the unemployed, retrenched and lowly paid employees out there who are still fightingto meet their ends and with these number of people are increasing, so do the crime rates ! Nothing, no concrete measures has been done so far by the BN government.

Barisan Nasional = Barang Naik = Bebanan Negara !

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