Friday, September 19, 2008

Strive for Malaysian Unity

Friday, 8 August 2008

Politically or ethically, we all should strive for Malaysian unity amongst us instead of racial unity which emphasize only on Malay unity, Chinese unity or Indian unity and let suspicions onto each other continue like what is Umno always doing?Why is Umno always strive for unity for only one race? Why other races were always sidelined in the course of unity? Umno is always voicing its racist stance without regard or respect to the populations of multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society in our nation.

It is important for all of us being Malaysians to strive and enhance our national identity instead of talking about only one race, this race or that race. We are all born and breed in this soil and we must use our rights as Malaysians to protect the national entity of ours by not upholding only one’s race rights and so on.Being a true Malaysian does not mean we have to be less Malay, less Chinese or less Indian and so on.

Being a true Malaysian is to uphold our nation’s unity without disregard of any races in our policies and implementations. Being a true Malaysian will consist of a harmonious multi-cultural society which will enhance our respect, understand and tolerance of each other’s multi-ethnic backgrounds and by being a true Malaysian will make us unite in the name of our nation which is called Malaysia because Malaysia belongs to all Malaysians and not to any particular race.

So, let us start calling ourselves Bangsa Malaysia in this upcoming Merdeka event and do not let those racist take this away from us.

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