Friday, September 19, 2008

Gerakan's road sign, a hypocrite

Saturday, 26 July 2008

The recent move by a group of Gerakan Youth members led by former Penang municipal councillor Dr Thor Teong Ghee to put up six additional road signs in Chinese language around Georgetown has been seen as a hypocrite move and had its own political agenda.In fact ever since after the DAP-PKR formed the new Penang state government, the state executive council led by Chief Minister & DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng had already initiated plans to have some parts of the roads in Georgetown marked with multi-lingual road signs where the Chinese language is to be one of them, in order to promote tourism and to enhance its heritage values.

What had Gerakan done for the past 30 years of their governance over Penang state ? Did they initiate any plans to have those Penang roads marked with multi-lingual road signs ? The answer is a No ! because the BN's dominant party, Umno had been against such move since then and they are also against such move now at the state assembly without first consulting their fellow BN party member, Gerakan.Its seems that the two BN component parties, one reign supreme over the others, while the other looks inferior were not sitting together for a common stand.

They were at loggerheads ever since they jointly governed the Penang state where the later was seen often paving way and subservient to the one with dominant stand.Besides, Dr Thor Teong Ghee's move to installed these road signs in Chinese was merely to gain some political milage of his own, as Dr Thor is also seen as a possible contender to the Penang Gerakan youth chairman's post following former Batu Kawan MP Huan Cheng Guan not to seek re-election. The other possible contender in the Gerakan youth party election is state youth secretary Oh Tong Keong.

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