Friday, September 19, 2008

Umno’s act of Revenge

Saturday, 13 September 2008

The actions recently carried out by the Umno-led federal government to detained several people of an ordinary background, some politicians and bloggers who are out there to promote a greater accountability and transparency in the country under the Internal Security Act (ISA) has been seen as an act of revenge from the dominant party in the Barisan Nasional i.e. Umno for being exposed and wronged in publicly of their increasingly dangerous racist tag.

To Umno, those people who had tried to express the truth and correct the wronged were a threat to their positions and powers currently in hand. Umno leaders and members fear when their wrongs, corrupt and incorrect practices are expose they will stand to lose their reputation and powers.As such, in order to maintain their grip in power, they create fear and worry among the population with such arrests and detention as a “warning” sign not to outdo Umno and its leaders in whatever ways.

Another way is to warn or possibly shut down newspapers and press who report to the nation accurately on what is happening and the current situation, to cover up the facts from reaching our people and the rest of the population.With all these hanky-panky doings, Umno will be able to continue with its powerful machineries by absorbing the entire nation’s riches, values and monies into their hands with no interference nor check and balance.

Therefore, we must come out to protect our kids, our love ones and our generations to come and let us hold our hands together in solidarity to protest against such unjust actions by Umno which are making our country uglier.We are grateful to our nation called Malaysia but Umno is betraying the entire nation and its people instead. So, Change !!!

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