Friday, September 19, 2008

Action against Bar Council unjust

Friday, 15 August 2008

Minister in PM's Department Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s call for actions to be taken against the Bar Council and its office-bearers for organizing the forum on conversion of Islam has been viewed by many as being unfair.It is not fair for Datuk Zahid to implicate the Bar Council and its office-bearers under the Seditions Act because of the forum where its objective was to help to resolve issues related to conversion to Islam currently faced many people and families.These lawyers by profession who were all well-versed in their respective legal fields are merely trying to solve problems of families affected by the Syariah judgments which are not presentable in the civil courts for appeals.

Why did Datuk Zahid said these lawyers are trying to create chaos by instigating and encouraging people to go against Islam? Where on earth did he get these information that the Bar Council’s action is against Islam and the federal constitution?

Datuk Zahid should check the facts first before making a conclusion that the Bar Council was guilty of this and that offences, as we could all see till today, none of these lawyers make any statement pertaining proposals to go against Islam or whatsoever nor having anything to do with the call to abolish Islam as an official religion in the federal constitution. Such negative response were believed to be from Umno and pro-Umno NGOs whose aimed is to serve and protect their own interest.Datuk Zahid’s call is also viewed by many as unbecoming and political motivated.

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