Friday, September 19, 2008

Hate Does Not Do Any Good

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

First, we have Datuk Ahmad “Nazi” Ismail calling the our Chinese community here squatters, then later he said the Chinese community here are in fact squatters, temporary residents of this country and so on. Ahmad’s further remarks followed, “the Malaysian Chinese here were like the Jews in America”, which continue to steam up the hatred, abuses, racist slogans, curses and shouts from his local Umno members and supporters.

Then came Datuk Azhar “Tembak” Ibrahim who called on the journalist who wrote Ahmad’s racist statement in the newspaper to be shot at point blank, followed by chants from Umno members and supporters, “tembak, tembak, bunuh” and so on.All these situation happened at the Penang state Umno headquarters in Menara Umno. The situation at that time was very tense like a civil war in this country is ongoing, like a band of militias are listening to hate speeches made by their warlords and leaders.

These Umno leaders’ understanding on religion and race seems to focus their entire energies on hate, hate and more hate, then violence. Looks like they have nothing better to do in their lives, other than hatred and violence.

Why promote all these hatred and violence in the name of racial politics. It doesn’t do any good to anyone of us, our beloved children and our generations. Let us all do away with race based elements in this country and work as one, as a Malaysian.Such race elements must be stopped. Enough is Enough.

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