Friday, September 19, 2008

Azhar should take responsibility for his words and actions

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Former Penang state executive councilor and state Umno secretary Datuk Azhar Ibrahim should take responsibility for urging the federal government to withdraw and cancel all major infrastructure projects at the Penang state on aftermath of the 8 March general elections.

We view Datuk Azhar’s call for the federal government to withdraw or cancel all development projects in Penang as an act of sabotage, aimed to avenge the Barisan Nasional’s defeat in the general elections.As the result of Datuk Azhar’s call, the federal government had agreed to shelved the RM1.2 billion Mengkuang Dam expansion project which was urgently required to resolve the future water crisis in Penang.

We want to remind Datuk Azhar and Penang Umno that they should not blame or put their anger onto the people for the BN’s defeat but should instead look at themselves for their pass deeds of arrogance, racist stand, misused of power, corrupt practices and their disrespect towards other communities and religions.

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