Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Taking A Break

I hope this will not be a disappointment to you all as I am informing you of my wish to take a break now after years of blogging in Malaysia's political arena.

I will be taking up a project start-up work in another country as the company I am working now is expanding to the other continent and they are doing greatly well.

However, not to disappoint you all, I would recommend you to go the blog of my friend, who also sits in the committee of our jointly managed Political Research Group (PRG). His name is Viktor Wong, who is also a socio-political analyst like me, and his full time profession is in the logistics.

Here comes his blog: Socio-Economy, Political and Education as he named it. Besides having his blog, Viktor Wong also manages and edits the DAP Bagan site regularly where is also the Editor-in-Chief.

Trust me, just ride into these two blogs and you would find it as interesting as mine.

Enjoy and Happy reading then!