Friday, September 10, 2010

Musa, time for you to spill out !

Gerard Samuel Vijayan: All of these allegations and suspicions could have been avoided if the IGP (inspector-general of police) and the RMP (Royal Malaysian Police) had supported the formation of the IPCMC (Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission).

Even the government, for reasons best known to it, was opposed to the IPCMC when the Royal Commission on the Operations and Management of the RMP made its recommendations to the then PM Abdullah Badawi, who was supportive of the IPCMC, to set it up as soon as possible to restore public confidence in the police force.

To date, even the watered down Enforcement Agencies Integrity Commission has yet to see the light of day although the Act setting it up received the Royal Assent last year. Until the politicians from the ruling BN/Umno government stop interfering directly or indirectly with the police force and the force itself is reformed from top to bottom to eradicate corruption and abuses and to restore integrity, professionalism, discipline and ethics, the RMP will remain suspect in the minds of many right-thinking Malaysians.

Multi Racial: This is the problem with the government. They think the people are stupid. We all knew what Musa Hassan is talking about when he mentioned interference from Home Ministry. I am sure Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and Home Ministry secretary-general Mahmood Adam knew that too.

Musa was referring to the Home Ministry interfering with the police doing their job. But Mahmood, thinking we are stupid, cleverly twisted the story as if the interference meant the Home Ministry not acceding to police's requests. Come on, learn to speak the truth.

Anonymous: Do you expect Hishammuddin to say, "Yes, I did interfere"? Of course, he is going to deny it. That's what the BN government is good at. All the major institutions in the country, including the judiciary and police, have lost the respect of the rakyat due to such interferences.

Artchan: With Musa's allegations against the Home Ministry, all Hishammuddin could do was come with a feeble statement denying any interference. Hisham is his boss and should recommend that the IGP be disciplined for his foul mouth. But Hisham is not the man he is, or he cannot afford Musa to spill the beans if any action is taken.

They can take away Musa's one-year extension, but they can't muzzle him. Maybe to buy his silence, they would probably give him a big golden handshake.

Ferdtan: Musa Hassan said he may consider the suggestion to lodge a report over the alleged interference when he becomes a civilian on Sept 13. There is no way he would do that; for as a civilian, Musa, without the unbridled power as an IGP, not only will fail in his action but will be humiliated by the system which served him so well during his time with the police.

Welcome to the real world, citizen Musa, you may have to pay for your past sins. In your case, is it too late for atonement?

Teh: If he makes a report, he may be questioned by the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission). Then he will have to strangle himself and fall off a window from a tall building.

LI Ting Rui: Musa, you cannot be in power forever. Change is inevitable. You have exhausted your usefulness to Umno. Only you are the one responsible for all the evils that you have done. Sayonara!

Concerned Citizen: The outgoing IGP is acting like sour grapes. Leave like a gentleman. What you don't like, such as the so-called interference or whatever, tell that privately to your successor on how to handle it.

Dingy: Musa, will you come out in open when there is a change of government? The people still want to know who allegedly gave the order to blow up Altantuya Shaariibuu. Whose baby did she carry at the time as it was rumoured that she was pregnant? The rakyat believe you have the evidence and we are sure that you used it to bargain for another extension to your service.

Unfortunately you failed this time. I am sure you will keep this in your heart and strike when opportunities prevail, just like the former IGP who punched Anwar Ibrahim.

Arbee: There's a saying, "no smoke without fire". Of course, nowadays such smoke can be created without fire. So, two options are open here; namely to conduct transparent investigation or allow the complainant to speak openly without fear or favor.

Swipenter: Musa, once you retire you are going to slide into oblivion like many before you. Of course, nobody believes that the Home Ministry's denial that the PDRM is a completely independent institution. If you dare to say it, please prove your allegations and confirm what the rakyat has been suspecting.

Sentinel: Kota Kinabalu Sessions Court judge Supang Lian said the outgoing IGP was a liar. And today he was caught lying again about not being told that his contract would not be extended. What a serial liar!

Gen2: Our civil service has been corrupted so much that senior officials can lie to you in public with a straight face.

Vijay: Musa Hassan, you are exactly one of the hopeless cases picked up from the way side and elevated to a lofty position because you serve well your political masters. And like the spineless wretch you are, you blame everybody else for your shameful record as IGP. In Malaysia, we do not have that attribute where someone takes blame and responsibility for what he failed to do. It is always somebody else that made you do it.
Mr ex-IGP, you should have listened to your own outgoing speech, not when you left the service, but when you accepted the post.

Bozuka: Musa, will you comment if your tenure is extended for another year?


RM30 mil donation gone: Explain why, MCA

Anonymous: Now we will see what the MCA politicians are all about - declining a RM30 million donation. The MCA leadership will have to explain point-by-point why they rejected this offer. Well, what can a layman say? It is all about vested interests.

Mr Koon Yew Yin, perhaps you should come up with other ideas of helping poor families from all races. I am sure your RM30 million can provides scholarships to all the nine-A students who miss out on other scholarships. They can pay back to your fund to help other students. Who cares a damn for MCA political leaders who have bastardised the system by being corrupt like their Umno warlords.

DontPlayGod: Sorry for sounding cynical, but when such things like this happen, quite often, it is always that some fat cat has some monetary designs involved somewhere. Maybe that RM30 million meant for building hostels is a threat to those powers-that-be who are already raking in a handsome amount from rentals of houses in the nearby housing areas? If not, what other reason can there be?

Clearwater: Within the MCA universe, self-interest trumps public interest anytime. If Utar were to accept Koon's offer to build hostels for the good of the students, property-owning MCA members and sympathisers in the vicinity will suffer economic loss; and MCA, their votes. The reason to reject Koon's offer is all too obvious.

Utar students just have to suck it up, they have no say in the matter.

RubyStar: It is unbecoming of MCA to reject an offer of RM30 million donation. Mr Koon has no personal agenda and until the offer was rejected, nobody actually knew of the donation. MCA and its band of financial marauders have perhaps ring-fenced the whole area near Utar to be parceled out among its band of conniving thieves to share the loot.

I remembered when I was studying in Universiti Malaya, the biggest problem a student faced is cheap accommodation near the campus. Mr Koon, you are doing a great and selfless service to the students of Utar. Please keep up your crusade.

Anonymous: Mr Koon, do not give this money to Utar. Actually, their educational standard is very low. Give it other institutions. Or start your foundation in Singapore to help Malaysian students who want to study there. That way, we can be sure they will benefit only on merit. Or start a foundation to channel these funds to opposition candidates in the next general elections.

Yap Chee Seng: Some people built a lot of shops and are depending on the students to rent their rooms. Otherwise these shops will be empty. So there is great resistance to Koon's cheap, affordable hostels!

Hello: Dear Mr Koon, instead of arguing with those MCA idiots and getting them to agree to accept your generous offer of RM30 million, why don't you buy a piece of land in Kampar, build your hostel and rent it out to the Utar students at cheap rates and according to the terms stated by you? Wouldn't that solve the dilemma of everyone, especially those poor students?

Sarawakian: It's obvious that someone is after the land. Once the hostels are built, they cannot sell the land. That's how corrupt politicians think. The students can sleep in the streets for all they care.


Radio 988's sackings: Why the rush?

YF: Everyone knows that it is a common practise to send a warning letter first before issuing the letter of termination. Instead, we see a rushed sacking without even giving the employees sufficient notice to inform them what they did wrong and what correction or remedial punishment is needed. Why the rush? Why the drastic act?

And where is this so-called Malay rights activist group Perkasa? A Malay is being persecuted here, so why the silence? Unless, of course, Perkasa is nothing but an Umno tool and are bed buddies with the likes of Dr Chua Soi Lek.

Amaso: Why didn't StarFM challenge Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission's (MCMC) findings in court? Why did it simply accepted MCMC's findings and sacked the duo?

Alexander Yuan: Jamaluddin Ibrahim, start your own independent radio services. I bet there will be even more listeners than Radio MCA (988)!

CarL: The thing about Malaysia now is the increasing number of would-be martyrs. For crying out loud, this guy is only a DJ, and he is lapping it up like he was placed under the Internal Security Act (ISA) or something. It certainly won't do his job prospects much good.

Louis: Jamaluddin and the Radio 988 CEO should know better. The BN leadership only want you to sing song of praises for them, never mind that they are rotten to the core. Exposing their weakness is a sin nowadays, and can lead even whistleblowers to be sent behind bars. Both of them must thank their lucky stars that they were given the sack only.

Wira: Who is the licensee? Is Jamaluddin the license holder of 988 or its presenter? The company should hold itself responsible and accountable for the content since the morning programme had been running for many months with no caution nor warning from the station owners.

It is even more ridiculous to suggest that the morning programme presentation breaches condition 10.3, that is, on the moral and cultural values of the community aspirations of the nation. I suggest the duo get for themselves a good solicitor like Gorbind Singh Deo and sue their employer.

Koh Stanley Columnist: What is the big deal about the programme's content going against cultural and moral sensitivities vis-a-vis community's aspirations when a political leader with a DVD sex scandal can become a president of the party that owns the radio.