Friday, September 10, 2010

Radio 988's sackings: Why the rush?

YF: Everyone knows that it is a common practise to send a warning letter first before issuing the letter of termination. Instead, we see a rushed sacking without even giving the employees sufficient notice to inform them what they did wrong and what correction or remedial punishment is needed. Why the rush? Why the drastic act?

And where is this so-called Malay rights activist group Perkasa? A Malay is being persecuted here, so why the silence? Unless, of course, Perkasa is nothing but an Umno tool and are bed buddies with the likes of Dr Chua Soi Lek.

Amaso: Why didn't StarFM challenge Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission's (MCMC) findings in court? Why did it simply accepted MCMC's findings and sacked the duo?

Alexander Yuan: Jamaluddin Ibrahim, start your own independent radio services. I bet there will be even more listeners than Radio MCA (988)!

CarL: The thing about Malaysia now is the increasing number of would-be martyrs. For crying out loud, this guy is only a DJ, and he is lapping it up like he was placed under the Internal Security Act (ISA) or something. It certainly won't do his job prospects much good.

Louis: Jamaluddin and the Radio 988 CEO should know better. The BN leadership only want you to sing song of praises for them, never mind that they are rotten to the core. Exposing their weakness is a sin nowadays, and can lead even whistleblowers to be sent behind bars. Both of them must thank their lucky stars that they were given the sack only.

Wira: Who is the licensee? Is Jamaluddin the license holder of 988 or its presenter? The company should hold itself responsible and accountable for the content since the morning programme had been running for many months with no caution nor warning from the station owners.

It is even more ridiculous to suggest that the morning programme presentation breaches condition 10.3, that is, on the moral and cultural values of the community aspirations of the nation. I suggest the duo get for themselves a good solicitor like Gorbind Singh Deo and sue their employer.

Koh Stanley Columnist: What is the big deal about the programme's content going against cultural and moral sensitivities vis-a-vis community's aspirations when a political leader with a DVD sex scandal can become a president of the party that owns the radio.


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