Monday, May 25, 2009

Perak rebel state govt “legalized”

The court of appeal had on 22 May ruled that the Perak rebel leader Dr Zambry Abd Kadir and members of his rebel state government as the rightful state administration in Perak thus, out ruled the 11 May judgment made by the Kuala Lumpur High Court which recognized Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin and his state government as a legitimate one.

But the court of appeal’s decision is not expected to bring an end to the Perak constitutional crisis. The judgment made by the court of appeal had clearly ignored the state constitution as a whole, due to the fact that their decisions did not reflect their understanding on the provisions of the state constitution.

Besides, the decisions by the court of appeal on 22 May had sparked more unhappiness of the people on Umno and its BN federal coalition government. The people are already disgusted with the way Najib and his cronies had engineered the coup d’etat on last February which saw the legitimate state government being toppled in Perak.

And yet Dr Zambry shamelessly claimed that his rebel government is “elected” by the people. Perhaps, he is still day dreaming and definitely in a total denial mode. The rebel government led by Zambry came to power via coup d’etat and it was not elected by the people. The real fact is Zambry’s rebel government is elected by only three persons (who sat in the court of appeal).

The court of appeal’s decision also clearly shows that it is a pro-Umno institution and the people would see it as an instruction from the executive powers in Putrajaya to the top judiciary to decide on its favour. The people of Perak are gravely disappointed, upset and disgusted with the way Umno handle and ruin Perak.

Apart from that, the court of appeal’s ruling also suggested that the rulers now had even more powers than what it has been vested under the constitution. That means the constitution had been undermined and it is a useless document now. The dissolution of the Perak state assembly to pave way for a fresh election is urged by many people of Perak and their counterparts from other state as well. This is the only way and the best option to resolve the constitutional crisis.

We strongly believe that the people are the ones who should decide on who should rule and govern their state and not the court anymore. However, we all know Umno and its BN lackeys would not dare to a hold a fresh election because they knew that they will lose their power if they do so. That is why Umno and their BN lackeys are afraid and scared of going back to the people. They are now afraid and scared of the people’s verdict and they are hiding behind the court of appeal.

Those Umno leaders and politicians are really cowards entirely.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oppressive laws restricting human liberties, freedom and justice

Since from day one, we were all given to understand that the Federal Constitution of our country called Malaysia is the highest instrument of law in our beloved nation.

As such, should any conflicts or misinterpretation arise in defining and implementing other sets of legislations and laws in our country, the Federal Constitution should therefore be referred to as a final tool in order to determine if those sets of legislations and laws goes by the relevant articles of the Federal Constitution.

Unfortunately our Federal Constitution which we thought is able to protect us has been undermined by these sets of legislations and laws. These sets of legislations and laws had all the time overruled the Federal Constitution in a lot of matters concerning human liberties, freedom and justice as well.

We are deeply concern that our highest instrumental of law (the Federal Constitution) would be sidelined very soon, as our nation is seeing its way to become a police or fascist state.

And when a police or fascist state takes its effective rule, these draconian legislations and laws shall therefore overrules the Federal Constitution completely. The Federal Constitution is on its way to suspension. Unless the entire situation differs to otherwise, the Federal Constitution of our country today will become redundant and useless, merely as a symbol or perhaps a history.

Let us review some of the articles of the Federal Constitution which are now being restricted by these sets of draconian legislations and laws which are deemed oppressive and restricting human liberties and our freedom.

Article 5 of the Federal Constitution confirms the liberty of any persons was restricted and oppressed by the Internal Security Act (ISA) 1960, Restricted Residence Enactment (Cap 39; Sec 117 Criminal Procedure Code Cap 6).

Article 6 which guarantees our people from slavery and forced labour was overpowered by Essential (Self-Reliance) Regulations 1975 and the National Service Ordinance, while Article 9 which states Protection against Banishment and Freedom of movement was overruled by the Internal Security Act (ISA) 1960, Banishment Act 1948 and Immigration Acts 1959 and 1963 respectively.

Article 10 (1)(a) which guarantees our Freedom of Speech and Expression is being overly restricted by Seditions Act 1948 (including amendments 1971), Official Secrets Act 1972 (including amendments 1986), Printing Presses and Publishing Act 1948 (including amendments 1988) and Control of Imported Publications Act 1959.

Article 10 (1)(b) which guarantees our Freedom of Peaceful Assembly was being bound by Public Order (Preservation) Ordinance 1958 and the Police Act 1967 (including amendments 1988). Article 10 (1)(c) which states our Freedom of Association was apprehended by the Trade Unions Act 1959 (including amendments of 1980 and 1989), Societies Act 1966 (including amendments 1981), University and University Colleges Act 1971 (including amendments 1975) – concerning Discipline of students rules and Discipline of staff rules.

Again Article 10 (1)(c) which states our Freedom of Association and our rights to Industrial Action including strike was effectively being prevented by Essential (Prohibition of Strikes and Prescribed Industrial Actions) Regulations 1965 and Industrial Relations Act 1967 (including amendments 1971 and 1975 respectively).

Article 121 which described the Principle of Judicial Review was harshly overruled and amended in 1988, followed by another amendment to the Internal Security Act in 1988, followed by another major revamp in 1989.

It is very clear fact that the BN-Umno federal government uses these draconian legislations and laws to curb and restrict the liberties and freedom of our people and at the same time restrict the rising influence of a the newly emerging opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat under the pretext of “national security”, according to them.

Such harsh legislations and laws had also instilled a culture of fear and worry among our people to such an extent that even they agreed they are living under a stressful condition similar to an authoritarian police, fascist state or military rule.

As the result, most of us are too afraid to voice our protest or express freely our opinions and thoughts. Most of us are also afraid of debating current issues and matters concerning the well-being our beloved nation and the way it is being run with.

So, does our Federal Constitution protect our people effectively and how powerful is our country’s highest instrumental of law in standing against all these draconian legislations and laws?

So long as the BN-Umno still rules the country, our Federal Constitution shall remain in a shamefully disrespect manner.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DAP MP, state rep arrested at candlelight vigil

Malaysiakini yesterday reported that DAP MP Teo Nie Ching and state assemblyman Jenice Lee plus nine others were arrested at a vigil to 'mourn the death of democracy'.

The vigil was organised peacefully in front of Selangor State Executive Councillor Teresa Kok's service centre. Why are they arrested? Is the Umno dominated police force seeking to avenge their defeat and their losing popularity? What wrong had all these innocent people done?

Why didn't the police arrest leaders and members of Umno who are out there terrorising the people with their threats and racist activities?

Crimes in our country is getting worst and the police are not doing their actual job to curb such negative elements but instead helping Umno to curb the rising political influence of PKR, DAP and PAS just because Umno themselves are losing out.

Khir Toyo suspended one year

Malaysiakini reports that the Selangor assembly's rights and privileges committee has suspended opposition leader Dr Mohd Khir Toyo for 12 months from the House yesterday for ignoring an inquiry set up by the Speaker to hear his wrong doings and misued of public funds.

Apart from his suspension, Khir Toyo's allowances as a state assemblyman were also frozen for insulting the committee and the House continuously.

He said he will challenge his suspension. What challenge is he going to mount? Call in the police, FRU and the military to forcefully evict the state assembly Speaker from office like what his party had done it in Perak? He is demonstrating his supremacist ideas and characters again.

Khir Toyo should admit his guilt and "bertaubat" on all his previous wrongdoings and power abuses during his reign as the menteri besar.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Speaker vs Speaker - Round 2

Malaysiakini reports that ousted speaker V Sivakumar is seeking a court injunction against BN-installed speaker R Ganesan from obstructing him in exercising his duties.

We hope Sivakumar would proceed with his application for a court injunction as soon as possible without delay to prevent the illegally installed rebel speaker from discharging his duties unconstitutionally.

As a legitimate speaker, Sivakumar was ousted by an unclear and improper vote of no-confidence against him before the Raja Muda of Perak officially opens the state assembly sitting. That means Sivakumar was illegally removed before the state assembly commence its sitting.

Looks like the Umno rebels who had launched a third coup d'etat on 7 May last week mistakenly toppled Sivakumar before the state assembly sitting commence, where in actual fact a vote of no-confidence should only be carried out during the state assembly proceedings.

It shows that the Umno rebels also had not confident with their recently self proclaimed majority and had to rely solely on undemocratic, unconstitutional and violent measures to forcefully remove Sivakumar from his position.

Earlier reports also indicated that an Umno man even brought a gun into the state assembly for standby in case if Sivakumar is too strong to be manhandled. Such an act is so violent and Sivakumar may end up being killed if he persist further.

What if Sivakumar got killed? Umno will make history for itself. A bloody coup d'etat perhaps.

The ball is in sultan's court

Malaysiakini reports that public pressure is once again on the Perak sultan to dissolve the State Legislative Assembly to break the three-month-long political impasse.

And we believe and hope that the sultan will make an accurate and correct decision this time to dissolve the state assembly as soon as possible in order to pave way for another state elections. Let the people decide on who should govern the state.

Umno would try every ways and means to avoid a state elections as they are afraid the people would once again reject them, like on 8 March 2008 last year. Umno is afraid of losing for the second time.

Some unconfirm source also indicate that the Perak rebel leader Dr Zambry Abd Kadir might declare a state of emergency in order to curb the people's pressure as well as the Pakatan Rakyat's popularity via military presence and curfew. Will Dr Zambry do that anyway?

And if Zambry does, what will happen to Perak then?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Call for Snap Elections in Perak

As we had seen the political and constitutional crisis turned from bad to worst, following the coup d'etat and power seizure by a terrorist organisation called Umno.

When Umno toppled the state government on last February, they installed their rebel state government and its rebel leader Dr Zambry Abd Kadir becames the menteri besar of the illegal administration.

After the Kuala Lumpur High Court declared Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin as the lawful menteri besar, Dr Zambry fearing of losing his position quickly obtain another court order to have himself back to office the next day.

More and more people both from inside and outside of Perak are calling for snap election as the situation is worsening because of Umno's continuous onslaught. Even MCA and Gerakan are now getting fed up with their supreme master and had started demanding that Umno should "let go" and hold a fresh election in order to obtain the people's mandate.

But Umno seems to refusing advice even from its BN component parties. They knew they will lose badly this time if a snap election is called, and that is why they wanted to cling on to power even if by illegal ways or means. At then end, should situation worsens, Umno might even resort to violence in order to subdue the electorate and the people.

What now? Its all up to the Sultan and Raja Muda of Perak.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Court rules Nizar is legitimate MB

Malaysiakini ~ In a landmark decision yesterday, the Kuala Lumpur High Court has declared that BN-Umno's Zambry is not the lawful MB and Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin as the sole legitimate Menteri Besar of Perak.

Justice has been served. The rebel state government under its rebel menteri besar Dr Zambry Abd Kadir must vacate their offices immediately.

Furthermore, the legitimate state government which was put back to power yesterday must act tough on those state civil servants who had collaborated with the rebels to topple the state government.

Suspending the state secretary, state legal advisor and the state assembly secretary aren't enough. These rebel collaborators should in fact be expelled from the state administration with immediate effect.

There is no point of keeping these people in the state government anymore if do not wish to work or cooperate with the state leaders. Keeping them in their positions by just suspending them is just waste of time, money and public funds.

Sack them all, and get a replacement in as soon as possible in order to get things done.

Monday, May 11, 2009

More candle vigil should be organized

To commemorate the darkest ever experience in our democracy, justice, freedom and equality, we should organize as many candle vigil as possible in order to create more awareness amongst our people and community.

Let us all realize that we are doing this in a peaceful and harmless manner and those who had already organized the candle vigil are not violent people or criminals as what the police had claimed. Candle vigil is indeed a peaceful forum aimed to support our brothers and sisters who had been simply arrested and thrown into prisons and tortured just to serve the interest of Umno.

From now on, Umno had marked a lot of black happenings in our nation with most of their shameless and violent acts. We feel ashamed that our country is being ruled and dominated by the racist and fascist based Umno. They are now threatening our entire nation with imprisonment, oppressive laws, concentration camps and ISA.

We wish to inform them that we will not bow out or run away. We will stand still with our strongest ever will to fight on in order to preserve our beloved nation from being destroyed by the oppressing racist and fascist rulers.

Long Live Democracy!

Third coup d’etat in Perak, beginning of dictatorship

As we had all knew the third coup d’etat in Perak had already happened. Umno again launched the coup to completely seize control of the entire government machinery in Perak by ousting the State Assembly Speaker V.Sivakumar via force and fist.

Now, Perak Umno is in complete control of the state and had established an effective dictatorship. Unconstitutional and undemocratic measures were taken to continue curbing the rising influence of the Pakatan Rakyat by making mass arrest of human rights activist, politicians, elected representatives, NGO leaders in order to prevent the truth from being channel to the people and the grassroots.

Despite being ousted, we still considered our V.Sivakumar the legitimate Speaker of the Perak State Assembly. He is the father of Perak Democracy and the pillar of Perakians struggle for Democracy. In fact, Sivakumar had shown a great courage in standing against the combined mighty forces of the federal government, the corrupt royalties, and the Umno dominated police and security forces.

Sivakumar had held on, demonstrating a will of steel and he still held on despite being physically abused and removed from the Speaker’s chair by many Umno henchmen. We understand that Sivakumar is also slightly injured due to the struggle to remove him but we advise him not to worry and continue wearing those physical scars dutifully in the name of democracy, freedom, justice and equality. Sivakumar will be remembered as the defender of Perak democracy until the 13th general election.

Let us all not recognize the Umno dictatorship in Perak. Their administration is illegal because their power was obtained via power seizure by illegitimate means. The current administration in the state is call the Perak Umno Rebel State Government or in Malay language “Kerajaan Pemberontak Umno Negeri Perak”. This is a clear fact Umno now administers the state via a rebel state government, as it was not elected by the people. The governance that Umno obtained today was by coup d’etat. Umno toppled a legitimate state government and proclaimed themselves into power by force.

And did you know Tan Sri Musa Hassan, the head of the Umno dominated police force said few days ago that they do not have enough police personnel to combat crimes in our entire nation. Guess what?

They had assembled thousands of their police personnel from other parts of the nation in Perak to serve the interest of Umno in the state, to install the Umno rebel state government, to assist the coup d’etat to take place in Perak and to assist in toppling the elected state government in Perak. The police personnel had in fact being majorly concentrated in political affairs rather than combating crimes. That is why crimes in our nation are on the rise.

The police are not interested in combating the crimes in our nation but they are only interested in furthering the interest of Umno because their party leader is the minister of home affairs in the Umno-dominated federal government.

From February until now, the way the power seizure was organized showed that the Umno state assemblymen and their leaders are no better than highway robbers or “mat rempits”. Can this kind of political animals be lawmakers for our people? It would be a real joke.

7 May shall be best remembered as a definite OneBlackMalaysia indeed. Innocent people are simply thrown into prison and threatened for nothing else but to further the interest of Umno. Well, after all Umno is above the law and the constitution. With their “ketuanan” and supremacist power, they are able to do whatever they want and even the police cannot question their privilege and powers. Very soon, with Umno still at helm, our nation will turn into a lawless nation and it had just started in Perak.

Therefore, we urge Pakatan Rakyat state governments of Kedah, Penang, Selangor and Kelantan, beware! Umno may launch a coup d’etat to topple your administrations too. They had done it in Perak and they will do so in your states.

Democracy in our nation had been degraded. Let us seek aid from the international community to scrutinize our federal government and check the imbalances, injustice and irregularities experienced by our people here.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Black 7 May in Perak

Yesterday was the darkest ever chapter in Perak and we are sure all our fellow Perakians also felt ashamed of what had happened in their state. First our legitimate state government has been overthrown, then our democratic platform i.e. the state legislative assembly building has been sealed off and our state assemblymen were prevented from any sitting, and now our legitimately elected Speaker has been violently removed from his position.

All these undemocratic, unprincipled, unconstitutional and barbaric acts were carried out by none other than the United Malays National Organization or better known as Umno. They toppled a state government elected by the people and established a rebel state government to administer the state with an iron fist. All opposition to the rebel administration has been curbed with mass arrest of Pakatan Rakyat leaders and elected representatives to prevent them from channeling the truth to our people.

With the backing from the federal security forces, the Umno-led rebel state government had also censored all news reports which are deemed critical to their unlawful administration and established false news and reports in order to cheat the people and provide inaccurate information to the nation. They tried their very best to cover as many truth as possible.

The Umno-led rebel state government is now terrorizing the people in Perak, threatening them with arrest, charges under seditious law, penal codes, or even ISA so no one would dare voice their opposition or discontent towards the rebel administration.

The Umno-led rebel state government under rebel leader Dr Zambry Abd Kadir called the Pakatan Rakyat “biadap” during his press conference yesterday. We wish to respond to his statement by calling him and his lackeys “kurang ajar” and “banjingan” for their arrogance, violence, threats and their use of force against the will of our people.

We are not being rough towards anyone here, but we simply could not find any suitable word to describe these Umno men other than “kurang ajar” and “banjingan” because this is what they are. They had in fact already destroyed the entire democratic institution and the constitution of the state by launching a coup d’etat to topple the people’s state government elected on 8 March 2008. These Umno men were infact worst then animals and do not even fit to be apes as well. They are all inhuman because there are no sense of humanity in them.

Therefore, what did our dear friend Wong Chin Huat said “wear black” is accurately correct. Everyone of us should continue our silent protest by wearing black shirts, black t-shirts, black pants, black hats, black caps, black armbands or you can even raise a black flag to commemorate the death of democracy in Perak and the beginning of dictatorship in our beloved nation.

As long as Umno is still in power, Democracy Rest in Peace.

Read more in our Bahasa Malaysia version.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Perak 7 May sitting illegal

The Perak state assembly sitting which is scheduled on 7 May is deemed illegal because of three major reasons and if this session proceeds, then those Umno coup plotters are making a fool of the state constitution and the people of the state.

We wish to inform our fellow Perakians that the Perak state assembly sitting which is scheduled on 7 May is deemed illegal because: -

1) It was called by a Rebel State Government who seized power from the Legitimate State Government on last February.
2) The Speaker V.Sivakumar was not aware of the sitting, where in actual fact he should be the first person to be informed of the plan.
3) The signatory of notice to call for the state assembly sitting was suspended assembly secretary Abdullah Antung. Therefore, whatever documents signed by an official who is suspended from his position is considered null and void.

We urge our fellow Perakians to stand up steadfastly to protest and condemn these illegal, undemocratic and unconstitutional acts by Umno and its BN lackeys.

Zambry may use force

The Perak Umno-led rebel state government under the leadership of Dr Zambry Abd Kadir had planned to table a motion at the state assembly sitting scheduled on 7 May to oust Speaker V.Sivakumar from his seat and replace him with a member of the rebel coalition (BN).

As speaker, Sivakumar has the right to reject the motion as did the Dewan Rakyat speaker who often rejects motions table by our members of parliament.

The real concern here is, if Sivakumar decides to reject the motion by Dr Zambry to oust him, will the rebel menteri besar forcefully evict Sivakumar from his seat? There is certainly a possibility as much preparation has been made by Umno and its rebel state government to prepare for the event on 7 May.

The presence of the federal security force and police personnel had been doubled in all over major towns and cities in the state is a sign the rebel state government is determine to seize total control over the administration of the state ever since the Umno coup plotters overthrown the legitimate state government and sealed the state assembly building.

If the 7 May plan proceeds, this will be the third coup plot against a legitimate position of an official elected to serve the state. The first coup was launched to topple the legitimate state government and later Umno launched a second coup with the help of the police and security forces to confiscate and seal the state assembly building in order to prevent the state assemblymen from discharging their duties of the state.

And when the 7 May coup comes into action, is the rebel state government going to declare a state of emergency and detain all Pakatan Rakyat state leaders under the internal security act (ISA)? There is a possibility it might happen as the Umno coup plotters are now desperate and wanted to hold on to power despite mass protest from the people of the state.

By detaining all Pakatan Rakyat state leaders would also help them to curb the rising influence of the new coalition in order for Umno to tighten their grip in the state.

EC finally gave nod to the PSM clenched fist logo

After being publicly criticized for rejecting the Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM ) clenched fist logo, the Elections Commission (EC) had finally approve “in protest” the logo which they had earlier viewed as morally unsuitable and having connotations of violence.

This move is clearly political motivated and it really baffles us. This shows the stupidity and foolishness of the EC commissioners. They claim themselves to be neutral but in fact most of them are pro-Umno. They claim themselves to be an independent body but it is clear that, EC is under the Prime Minister’s Department and the EC chairman reports directly to the Prime Minister and not the Yang DiPertuan Agong.

What we knew all these while is Umno is one of the most violent political forces in our nation. Their party members speak of violence, bloodshed, threats onto other ethnicities and rule above the law. Their party logo is weapon called “keris” which could cause harm, injury and death to the public and create disorder in our nation.

Therefore, why not EC review Umno’s logo to check if it is morally unsuitable and having connotations of violence and if otherwise, let us know your reasonable facts.

More policemen in Perak state

According to the Perak police chief DCP Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah on 30 April last month, more policemen will hit the streets in the state with the focus on major towns in Ipoh, Manjung, Hilir Perak and Taiping.

What happened? Are all these based on the request by the rebel state government led by Umno to assist them to secure their position in the state? Or is it because of the Umno’s coup d’etat which toppled the legitimate state government last February had indeed caused the crime rate to increase in the state due to political disorder in the state created by them?

Well, there are a number of factors which contributed to the increase of the federal-backed security forces in the state. First, the expected illegal state assembly sitting scheduled on 7 May. Perak Umno leaders are expected to use force onto Speaker V.Sivakumar should he decides to reject the motion to oust him by rebel menteri besar Dr Zambry Abd Kadir. Some source said Sivakumar is likely to reject the motion to oust him and when this happen, Dr Zambry will call in the security personnel to force him out of office in order to place their lackey from MIC to the speaker’s seat.

This will be considered as Umno’s second coup against the people of Perak and a total insult to the state constitution. From the beginning of the constitutional crisis in the state since last February, we could clearly see that the state constitution had been lying uselessly in the files of the state, as Umno had used its ketuanan positionto overrule the effective law of the state.

Therefore, it is expected once Sivakumar is forced out of his Speaker’s seat via security eviction, Dr Zambry will place another motion at the state assembly to suspend the state constitution. In Umno’s case, the suspension of the state constitution is vital as the court judgment is expected to make some references to the state constitution pending its decision to ascertain if Dr Zambry is an illegal menteri besar.

So, once Dr Zambry successfully suspends the state constitution, Umno would be able to justify its case in the court as ruling the state in an emergency order because the state does not have a constitution in force when it is suspended.

As the political disorder created by Perak Umno continues, crime rates are also on the rise as the rebel state government is only currently focusing on how to secure its position in the state and the people are clearly being neglected. In fact the rebel state government had no time to pay any attention to the people and the welfare of the state as they are now afraid of losing its grip and power. They even ignored the people’s request to dissolve the state assembly to pave way for a fresh election in order to resolve the current political and constitutional crisis.

When the rebel state government is unable to handle the situation, they called in more policemen to handle the entire situation, at the same time gives them an advantage to secure their governing power in the state by harassing and threatening the state’s Pakatan Rakyat leaders whose state government was ousted in last February’s Umno sponsored coup d’etat.

If Umno keeps its grip illegally continuously on the state administration, the political situation in the state is not going to improve at all. The Umno “swine flu” is going to spread all over the state if they continue to be like this.