Friday, May 15, 2009

Speaker vs Speaker - Round 2

Malaysiakini reports that ousted speaker V Sivakumar is seeking a court injunction against BN-installed speaker R Ganesan from obstructing him in exercising his duties.

We hope Sivakumar would proceed with his application for a court injunction as soon as possible without delay to prevent the illegally installed rebel speaker from discharging his duties unconstitutionally.

As a legitimate speaker, Sivakumar was ousted by an unclear and improper vote of no-confidence against him before the Raja Muda of Perak officially opens the state assembly sitting. That means Sivakumar was illegally removed before the state assembly commence its sitting.

Looks like the Umno rebels who had launched a third coup d'etat on 7 May last week mistakenly toppled Sivakumar before the state assembly sitting commence, where in actual fact a vote of no-confidence should only be carried out during the state assembly proceedings.

It shows that the Umno rebels also had not confident with their recently self proclaimed majority and had to rely solely on undemocratic, unconstitutional and violent measures to forcefully remove Sivakumar from his position.

Earlier reports also indicated that an Umno man even brought a gun into the state assembly for standby in case if Sivakumar is too strong to be manhandled. Such an act is so violent and Sivakumar may end up being killed if he persist further.

What if Sivakumar got killed? Umno will make history for itself. A bloody coup d'etat perhaps.

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