Monday, May 25, 2009

Perak rebel state govt “legalized”

The court of appeal had on 22 May ruled that the Perak rebel leader Dr Zambry Abd Kadir and members of his rebel state government as the rightful state administration in Perak thus, out ruled the 11 May judgment made by the Kuala Lumpur High Court which recognized Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin and his state government as a legitimate one.

But the court of appeal’s decision is not expected to bring an end to the Perak constitutional crisis. The judgment made by the court of appeal had clearly ignored the state constitution as a whole, due to the fact that their decisions did not reflect their understanding on the provisions of the state constitution.

Besides, the decisions by the court of appeal on 22 May had sparked more unhappiness of the people on Umno and its BN federal coalition government. The people are already disgusted with the way Najib and his cronies had engineered the coup d’etat on last February which saw the legitimate state government being toppled in Perak.

And yet Dr Zambry shamelessly claimed that his rebel government is “elected” by the people. Perhaps, he is still day dreaming and definitely in a total denial mode. The rebel government led by Zambry came to power via coup d’etat and it was not elected by the people. The real fact is Zambry’s rebel government is elected by only three persons (who sat in the court of appeal).

The court of appeal’s decision also clearly shows that it is a pro-Umno institution and the people would see it as an instruction from the executive powers in Putrajaya to the top judiciary to decide on its favour. The people of Perak are gravely disappointed, upset and disgusted with the way Umno handle and ruin Perak.

Apart from that, the court of appeal’s ruling also suggested that the rulers now had even more powers than what it has been vested under the constitution. That means the constitution had been undermined and it is a useless document now. The dissolution of the Perak state assembly to pave way for a fresh election is urged by many people of Perak and their counterparts from other state as well. This is the only way and the best option to resolve the constitutional crisis.

We strongly believe that the people are the ones who should decide on who should rule and govern their state and not the court anymore. However, we all know Umno and its BN lackeys would not dare to a hold a fresh election because they knew that they will lose their power if they do so. That is why Umno and their BN lackeys are afraid and scared of going back to the people. They are now afraid and scared of the people’s verdict and they are hiding behind the court of appeal.

Those Umno leaders and politicians are really cowards entirely.

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