Monday, May 11, 2009

More candle vigil should be organized

To commemorate the darkest ever experience in our democracy, justice, freedom and equality, we should organize as many candle vigil as possible in order to create more awareness amongst our people and community.

Let us all realize that we are doing this in a peaceful and harmless manner and those who had already organized the candle vigil are not violent people or criminals as what the police had claimed. Candle vigil is indeed a peaceful forum aimed to support our brothers and sisters who had been simply arrested and thrown into prisons and tortured just to serve the interest of Umno.

From now on, Umno had marked a lot of black happenings in our nation with most of their shameless and violent acts. We feel ashamed that our country is being ruled and dominated by the racist and fascist based Umno. They are now threatening our entire nation with imprisonment, oppressive laws, concentration camps and ISA.

We wish to inform them that we will not bow out or run away. We will stand still with our strongest ever will to fight on in order to preserve our beloved nation from being destroyed by the oppressing racist and fascist rulers.

Long Live Democracy!

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