Monday, May 4, 2009

More policemen in Perak state

According to the Perak police chief DCP Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah on 30 April last month, more policemen will hit the streets in the state with the focus on major towns in Ipoh, Manjung, Hilir Perak and Taiping.

What happened? Are all these based on the request by the rebel state government led by Umno to assist them to secure their position in the state? Or is it because of the Umno’s coup d’etat which toppled the legitimate state government last February had indeed caused the crime rate to increase in the state due to political disorder in the state created by them?

Well, there are a number of factors which contributed to the increase of the federal-backed security forces in the state. First, the expected illegal state assembly sitting scheduled on 7 May. Perak Umno leaders are expected to use force onto Speaker V.Sivakumar should he decides to reject the motion to oust him by rebel menteri besar Dr Zambry Abd Kadir. Some source said Sivakumar is likely to reject the motion to oust him and when this happen, Dr Zambry will call in the security personnel to force him out of office in order to place their lackey from MIC to the speaker’s seat.

This will be considered as Umno’s second coup against the people of Perak and a total insult to the state constitution. From the beginning of the constitutional crisis in the state since last February, we could clearly see that the state constitution had been lying uselessly in the files of the state, as Umno had used its ketuanan positionto overrule the effective law of the state.

Therefore, it is expected once Sivakumar is forced out of his Speaker’s seat via security eviction, Dr Zambry will place another motion at the state assembly to suspend the state constitution. In Umno’s case, the suspension of the state constitution is vital as the court judgment is expected to make some references to the state constitution pending its decision to ascertain if Dr Zambry is an illegal menteri besar.

So, once Dr Zambry successfully suspends the state constitution, Umno would be able to justify its case in the court as ruling the state in an emergency order because the state does not have a constitution in force when it is suspended.

As the political disorder created by Perak Umno continues, crime rates are also on the rise as the rebel state government is only currently focusing on how to secure its position in the state and the people are clearly being neglected. In fact the rebel state government had no time to pay any attention to the people and the welfare of the state as they are now afraid of losing its grip and power. They even ignored the people’s request to dissolve the state assembly to pave way for a fresh election in order to resolve the current political and constitutional crisis.

When the rebel state government is unable to handle the situation, they called in more policemen to handle the entire situation, at the same time gives them an advantage to secure their governing power in the state by harassing and threatening the state’s Pakatan Rakyat leaders whose state government was ousted in last February’s Umno sponsored coup d’etat.

If Umno keeps its grip illegally continuously on the state administration, the political situation in the state is not going to improve at all. The Umno “swine flu” is going to spread all over the state if they continue to be like this.

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