Monday, May 4, 2009

Zambry may use force

The Perak Umno-led rebel state government under the leadership of Dr Zambry Abd Kadir had planned to table a motion at the state assembly sitting scheduled on 7 May to oust Speaker V.Sivakumar from his seat and replace him with a member of the rebel coalition (BN).

As speaker, Sivakumar has the right to reject the motion as did the Dewan Rakyat speaker who often rejects motions table by our members of parliament.

The real concern here is, if Sivakumar decides to reject the motion by Dr Zambry to oust him, will the rebel menteri besar forcefully evict Sivakumar from his seat? There is certainly a possibility as much preparation has been made by Umno and its rebel state government to prepare for the event on 7 May.

The presence of the federal security force and police personnel had been doubled in all over major towns and cities in the state is a sign the rebel state government is determine to seize total control over the administration of the state ever since the Umno coup plotters overthrown the legitimate state government and sealed the state assembly building.

If the 7 May plan proceeds, this will be the third coup plot against a legitimate position of an official elected to serve the state. The first coup was launched to topple the legitimate state government and later Umno launched a second coup with the help of the police and security forces to confiscate and seal the state assembly building in order to prevent the state assemblymen from discharging their duties of the state.

And when the 7 May coup comes into action, is the rebel state government going to declare a state of emergency and detain all Pakatan Rakyat state leaders under the internal security act (ISA)? There is a possibility it might happen as the Umno coup plotters are now desperate and wanted to hold on to power despite mass protest from the people of the state.

By detaining all Pakatan Rakyat state leaders would also help them to curb the rising influence of the new coalition in order for Umno to tighten their grip in the state.

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