Friday, May 8, 2009

Black 7 May in Perak

Yesterday was the darkest ever chapter in Perak and we are sure all our fellow Perakians also felt ashamed of what had happened in their state. First our legitimate state government has been overthrown, then our democratic platform i.e. the state legislative assembly building has been sealed off and our state assemblymen were prevented from any sitting, and now our legitimately elected Speaker has been violently removed from his position.

All these undemocratic, unprincipled, unconstitutional and barbaric acts were carried out by none other than the United Malays National Organization or better known as Umno. They toppled a state government elected by the people and established a rebel state government to administer the state with an iron fist. All opposition to the rebel administration has been curbed with mass arrest of Pakatan Rakyat leaders and elected representatives to prevent them from channeling the truth to our people.

With the backing from the federal security forces, the Umno-led rebel state government had also censored all news reports which are deemed critical to their unlawful administration and established false news and reports in order to cheat the people and provide inaccurate information to the nation. They tried their very best to cover as many truth as possible.

The Umno-led rebel state government is now terrorizing the people in Perak, threatening them with arrest, charges under seditious law, penal codes, or even ISA so no one would dare voice their opposition or discontent towards the rebel administration.

The Umno-led rebel state government under rebel leader Dr Zambry Abd Kadir called the Pakatan Rakyat “biadap” during his press conference yesterday. We wish to respond to his statement by calling him and his lackeys “kurang ajar” and “banjingan” for their arrogance, violence, threats and their use of force against the will of our people.

We are not being rough towards anyone here, but we simply could not find any suitable word to describe these Umno men other than “kurang ajar” and “banjingan” because this is what they are. They had in fact already destroyed the entire democratic institution and the constitution of the state by launching a coup d’etat to topple the people’s state government elected on 8 March 2008. These Umno men were infact worst then animals and do not even fit to be apes as well. They are all inhuman because there are no sense of humanity in them.

Therefore, what did our dear friend Wong Chin Huat said “wear black” is accurately correct. Everyone of us should continue our silent protest by wearing black shirts, black t-shirts, black pants, black hats, black caps, black armbands or you can even raise a black flag to commemorate the death of democracy in Perak and the beginning of dictatorship in our beloved nation.

As long as Umno is still in power, Democracy Rest in Peace.

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