Friday, May 15, 2009

The ball is in sultan's court

Malaysiakini reports that public pressure is once again on the Perak sultan to dissolve the State Legislative Assembly to break the three-month-long political impasse.

And we believe and hope that the sultan will make an accurate and correct decision this time to dissolve the state assembly as soon as possible in order to pave way for another state elections. Let the people decide on who should govern the state.

Umno would try every ways and means to avoid a state elections as they are afraid the people would once again reject them, like on 8 March 2008 last year. Umno is afraid of losing for the second time.

Some unconfirm source also indicate that the Perak rebel leader Dr Zambry Abd Kadir might declare a state of emergency in order to curb the people's pressure as well as the Pakatan Rakyat's popularity via military presence and curfew. Will Dr Zambry do that anyway?

And if Zambry does, what will happen to Perak then?

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