Monday, May 11, 2009

Third coup d’etat in Perak, beginning of dictatorship

As we had all knew the third coup d’etat in Perak had already happened. Umno again launched the coup to completely seize control of the entire government machinery in Perak by ousting the State Assembly Speaker V.Sivakumar via force and fist.

Now, Perak Umno is in complete control of the state and had established an effective dictatorship. Unconstitutional and undemocratic measures were taken to continue curbing the rising influence of the Pakatan Rakyat by making mass arrest of human rights activist, politicians, elected representatives, NGO leaders in order to prevent the truth from being channel to the people and the grassroots.

Despite being ousted, we still considered our V.Sivakumar the legitimate Speaker of the Perak State Assembly. He is the father of Perak Democracy and the pillar of Perakians struggle for Democracy. In fact, Sivakumar had shown a great courage in standing against the combined mighty forces of the federal government, the corrupt royalties, and the Umno dominated police and security forces.

Sivakumar had held on, demonstrating a will of steel and he still held on despite being physically abused and removed from the Speaker’s chair by many Umno henchmen. We understand that Sivakumar is also slightly injured due to the struggle to remove him but we advise him not to worry and continue wearing those physical scars dutifully in the name of democracy, freedom, justice and equality. Sivakumar will be remembered as the defender of Perak democracy until the 13th general election.

Let us all not recognize the Umno dictatorship in Perak. Their administration is illegal because their power was obtained via power seizure by illegitimate means. The current administration in the state is call the Perak Umno Rebel State Government or in Malay language “Kerajaan Pemberontak Umno Negeri Perak”. This is a clear fact Umno now administers the state via a rebel state government, as it was not elected by the people. The governance that Umno obtained today was by coup d’etat. Umno toppled a legitimate state government and proclaimed themselves into power by force.

And did you know Tan Sri Musa Hassan, the head of the Umno dominated police force said few days ago that they do not have enough police personnel to combat crimes in our entire nation. Guess what?

They had assembled thousands of their police personnel from other parts of the nation in Perak to serve the interest of Umno in the state, to install the Umno rebel state government, to assist the coup d’etat to take place in Perak and to assist in toppling the elected state government in Perak. The police personnel had in fact being majorly concentrated in political affairs rather than combating crimes. That is why crimes in our nation are on the rise.

The police are not interested in combating the crimes in our nation but they are only interested in furthering the interest of Umno because their party leader is the minister of home affairs in the Umno-dominated federal government.

From February until now, the way the power seizure was organized showed that the Umno state assemblymen and their leaders are no better than highway robbers or “mat rempits”. Can this kind of political animals be lawmakers for our people? It would be a real joke.

7 May shall be best remembered as a definite OneBlackMalaysia indeed. Innocent people are simply thrown into prison and threatened for nothing else but to further the interest of Umno. Well, after all Umno is above the law and the constitution. With their “ketuanan” and supremacist power, they are able to do whatever they want and even the police cannot question their privilege and powers. Very soon, with Umno still at helm, our nation will turn into a lawless nation and it had just started in Perak.

Therefore, we urge Pakatan Rakyat state governments of Kedah, Penang, Selangor and Kelantan, beware! Umno may launch a coup d’etat to topple your administrations too. They had done it in Perak and they will do so in your states.

Democracy in our nation had been degraded. Let us seek aid from the international community to scrutinize our federal government and check the imbalances, injustice and irregularities experienced by our people here.

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