Monday, June 1, 2009

Agreeing Chin Peng to return does not mean reviving communism, BN-Umno’s double standard politicking and racist approach

For over the past few weeks, we had heard a lots of comments on Ong Boon Hua @ Chin Peng, the secretary-general of the now defuct Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) who wanted to return to his homeland called Malaysia.

Many supported the idea on his intended return and many also did not. For those who supported his return to our nation are merely on humanitarian grounds. And for those who are against his return, were those who had said the war and cruelty he caused during the emergency from 1948 to 1960 is unforgettable and remorseful.

Then the information, cultural and heritage minister Datuk Rais Yatim who is also an Umno supreme council member, came out aggressively and attacked those who supported Chin Peng’s return as an attempt to revive communism. And so does all the Umno leaders and the party’s controlled media, mainly the Utusan Malaysia and RTM. Looks like the BN-Umno led federal government had made out a racial overtone in their anti-Chin Peng campaign to make sure this little old man dies in exile.

BN-Umno reasoned that Chin Peng’s war atrocities are too much to allow his return to Malaysia. His application for return to our nation cannot be justified due to his previous led CPM insurgency. We think the BN-Umno leadership is trying to manipulate the history side of this man and his party who also once fought the British colonialism and the Japanese occupation. We must also remember that Chin Peng and the CPM did really contribute a little more than Umno in fighting for the Malayan independence.

Let us not argue so much, and take a look back the history of our independence struggle. We hope Umno will not turn this tide into a racial tension in order to gain some political mileage. What Datuk Rais and the rest of the Umno leaders said on the Chin Peng issue is very much demonstrating their fear and worries of losing their political battle of which there are set to lose now, due to their declining influence.

If there are attempt to revive communism, why didn’t the BN-Umno federal government break its diplomatic relationship with PR China (who once actively supported and armed CPM’s insurgency), DPR Korea (North), SR Vietnam, Lao PDR and Cuba? But instead encouraged the advancement of diplomatic and economic activities with all these socialist and communist countries?

We all remember the atrocities and war crimes committed by the Empire of Japan’s Imperial Army and Navy during from the 1930s to 1945. We all remember what the Japanese did to us during their occupation in Malaya and the rest of the countries in Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, North Asia and their brutal attack on the US Pacific Fleet Command base in Pearl Habour. Chin Peng and the CPM fought those invading Japanese imperial force bravely and most of them sacrificed and died defending their homeland called Malaya at that time from Japanese invasion and atrocities. Had ever Umno or BN exist at that time to defend Malaya during the war?

And the atrocities and war crimes committed by the Empire of Japan’s Imperial Army and Navy during from the 1930s to 1945 are far more worst than what Chin Peng and CPM did to Malaya from 1948 to 1960. Yet the BN-Umno federal government decided to forgive the Japanese for what they had did to our forefathers and welcomed them into our nation with their expertise and technologies. Even the Americans too forgave them and they are now allied to them politically and militarily

Therefore, if BN-Umno federal government forgave the Japanese for their past war crimes and atrocities that they had committed on our forefathers, does that mean BN-Umno had embraced and supported what the Japanese had did during the Second World War? If this is what BN-Umno had earlier mean, those who supported Chin Peng’s return are showing signs of an attempt to revive communism.

As such, we can also say that BN-Umno’s acceptance to the Japanese business and technological establishment in our nation is a sign of their attempt to revive and support the atrocities of the Japanese Imperial Army on our people.

From here, we could clearly see that there is a hidden motive in BN-Umno who is going all out making a big issue on Chin Peng and the revival of communism and we wonder if Chin Peng were a Malay, would their stand and emotions be the same?

You can judge how fair is BN-Umno in handling their racial matters. Their federal government, together with their wholly-owned press Utusan Malaysia are currently campaigning very hard to label Chin Peng as a “cruel” communist leader who should not be allowed to return the our country, while the other “cruel” communist leaders such as, CPM chairman Rashid Maidin and CPM central committee member Shamsiah Fakeh were allowed to return to their home in Malaysia earlier.

So, it does have to do with race and double standard practice. It is proven here and they cannot hide the facts. The BN-Umno is in fact far worst then the communist now, their administrations are full of evil, reigning with treachery, manipulation, power abuses, money politics, cronyism and corruptions.

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