Friday, June 12, 2009

RM4.1 million facility for Mat Rempits

We were recently informed that the Terengganu Umno state government intends to build a race circuit to facilitate the so-called Mat Rempits to race in the track, so that they could upgrade and improve their skills and stunts.

And that race circuit will cost about RM4.1 million. The state government is already out of their mind. Spending public funds to build a facility just to cater these criminal gangs to polish their skills and stunts.

Just what kind of state government is this anyway? Wasting the people's money to entertain the greeds of these criminals or are they trying to use all those public funds to feed the Umno contractors? Who knows !

First you got your Sultan Mizan Stadium shake up and collapsed and now you are supporting these gang of road criminals.

1 comment:

angeline said...

it's unbelievable of what the government is trying to proof; to proof they cared for the "society" or to proof they're caring.... pathetic and stupidity, the only words i'm able to comment on...