Tuesday, June 16, 2009

PKFZ scandal, PAC useless

The key persons in the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal which cost the BN-led federal government millions of Ringgit in losses will not be hauled up for enquiry.

Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik and Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy have to take full responsibilities and answer to all Malaysians for the failure of the PKFZ project which saw a great wastage of public funds in millions of Ringgit unnecessarily.

It does not mean if persons with titles of Tun or Tan Sri shall be immune from all prosecutions and court of laws. If they are wrong and proven guilty, they should be hauled up and punished accordingly.

The current parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) which is chaired by a BN cabinet minister Datuk Azmi Khalid is a useless entity as the chairman is too powerful and one-sided. The members of the PAC in majority had wanted both Tun Dr Ling and Tan Sri Chan to be summoned before the PAC hearing to testify on the PKFZ scandal but Datuk Azmi with his wide powers as PAC chairman overruled the PAC majority by refusing to summon the two former MCA leaders.

Besides Tun Dr Ling and Tan Sri Chan, the others were former Port Klang Authority (PKA) chairman Datuk Chor Chee Heung who is now a deputy finance minister in Najib’s government and former PKFZ general manager Datik Paduka O.C.Phang.

Well, since the BN-led federal government had made the PAC a redundant entity and exist only by name, let us see if the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) would haul up all these PKFZ key persons who are responsible for the PKFZ losses and failures.

From this point, we could clearly see that the taxpayers’ hard earned money varnished just like that. This is completely disgusting and injustice. We all worked so hard every day to earn that money and remit our tax to the government and these people just took all those money away into their pockets.

We want to ask Najib, if all these hanky-panky continue, what is the use of your “People First” and “Performance Now” slogans that you are promoting? They are completely useless and baseless as it is a mere cover up, we supposed.

Every time whenever a new BN prime minister is installed a new slogan will be introduced to the people based on his new leadership but did the new administration really initiate any changes or improvements? The answer is a no. it is a mere window dressing in order to “reform” an old order into a new one. Only rebranding has been carried out and not reform.

After PKFZ scandal, there will be another PKFZ-type debacle to come very soon as long as BN is still around. The future of our country under the BN rulers is at stake and the risk will continue to be at its highest level.

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