Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Enough is Enough : BN-Umno Told

Sunday, 6 July 2008

That's it ! Enough is enough of BN-Umno political foulplays around and shootings at opposition leaders to curb their rising influence in the public.Doesn't BN-Umno had the common sense to realise that the recent general elections on 8 March had spoken the clear messages ?

The BN-Umno stooges are still thinking that they are as powerful as they were before 8 March. They are still clinging to believe that their loss were merely a bad dream.The BN-Umno government is intensifying their efforts to curb the current situation by quietly using the law and the courts to purge the opposition leaders and their rising influence by discrediting them with number of scandals, sexual misconduct, sodomy or maybe even rapes. Are these democracy ?Besides, the opposition voice in the parliament were also controlled and curb eventhough the Pakatan Rakyat had achieved a significant numbers of MPs in their roll. The old parliamentary administration and regulations had made the Dewan speaker too powerful to the extend that he could move in to block any emergency or urgent motion in the name of the rules ? What rules are they talking about when our people were suffering, unemployed, hungry and depress out there.

The BN-Umno and their coalition parties are merely doing things that were benefiting their pockets, families, cronies and associates. What they care about the people. None but only keep on talking about developments, super corridors and so on which only encourage, intensify and advancing corrupt practices amongst them. The rich became richer and the poor became poorer. More and more of our valuable citizens and professionals are begining to move away from Malaysia fearing the unstable situation which may not favour their children in near future, migrating to better nations which could offer them a more secure life, jobs and businesses.

This is what BN-Umno and their coalition parties wanted to in order to smoothly control the population. We must outdo the BN-Umno and their stooges fast before their ruin the entire nation bring the whole country under their feet.

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