Friday, September 19, 2008

ACA commissioning delayed?

Friday, 12 September 2008

It seems the federal government’s plan to take the Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) out from the prime minister’s department jurisdiction and commissioning it as Malaysian Commission on Anti Corruption (MCAC) which will report directly to parliament has been delayed again and no further news on its implementation or plans.

What went wrong why was it being delayed again? The reasons for the delay were also not known to any parliamentarians or the public.In order to fight corruption, our nation needs a capable and efficient body to effectively execute its tasks without fear or worry.Right now, the ACA which is still under the prime minister’s department had not being effective in demonstrating its efficiency and transparency in combating corruption at all levels.

The agency is still being ineffective in flushing corruptions involving personalities of high status and some believed that interference from certain interests still occurs to prevent investigation from being moved on to protect cronies and parties that might be from the top echelons.As such, an independent MCAC is needed as soon as possible.

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Anonymous said...

Today I make a stand ..a stand for fairness and justice and free from oppression and abuse of power..and today I've not seen that ACA has used up to it's full potential or are serious enough to protect the people against any corruption..Today I have a voice..please support my petition against the scandalous Pempena, the company under Ministry of Tourism from bullying my mother from abuse of power and destroyed her business ..