Monday, February 2, 2009

Corruptions in UMNO, phantom voters and denials

Corruption or widely known in Umno as money politics had a very long established roots for decades. It is practically a daily business amongst all its party leaders from the presidential levels, supreme councils, state liaison committees, divisional committees, right down to the branch committees.

The money politics in Umno has been so popular today until its top leaders had a most difficult task of avoiding or denying it and finally they are saying that the leadership is taking steps to curb such practices in the party for good by calling in the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) for swift action.

Although a few arrests has been made and expected to be charged in the court soon for their malpractice, top leaders of the party remained untouched as we all know. These top leaders are the untouchables. So, what is the use of nabbing all those small flies who are merely office boys, agents or distributors? Why didn’t MACC go after those on the top and grab all those who are actually holding the money bags?

On cases of phantom voters within Umno, it is a well known subject whenever the party elections begins, be it a branch or divisional elections, such allegations are sure to come out when the opposing faction in the party does not get what they want or does not get elected into party offices. And there goes the party disciplinary and management committees start opening files and proceedings to receive such complaints from their grassroots and dissatisfied members but so far, these two committees had proven to be very ineffective as most of its decisions were made without any proper investigations being carried out by persons deemed to be independent from one faction or another. Decisions made by these two disciplinary and management committees are usually factional sided, with the complainant not getting satisfied proceedings at the end.

Then at the end, these two committees will make public of their justifications by saying that their decisions are made purely on their sole jurisdiction with no influences from any party leaders, that means they are an independent body as what they mean.

Although there are a few actions being taken against some party leaders earlier, but such action are proven only as a mere window dressing, with no real drastic action being taken in actual fact. If both the disciplinary and management committees of the party really walk its talk, there should be a reduction of such activities by now but it is seem to be increasing more and more whenever any party elections comes by. In fact these national and local Umno leaders are not afraid of the disciplinary and management committees showing the fact the party leaders are still overall powerful.

If we want to say that these disciplinary and management committee members are independent in their entities, it is actually not quite correct in sense that these committee members are still members of the party and they have been party leaders too in the past, and if they were party leaders before, the certain thing is most of them are tainted with money politics themselves as well during their periods in the party offices and leadership. So, can we actually ask an already tainted person to judge another tainted person? The other matter is, are all these independent members really of independent in their entities. Records shows that those retired leaders or veterans who are now sitting in these disciplinary and management committees are actually of factional based during their past leadership in the party. Are they truly independent in actual fact?

No wonder money politics are growing and developing rapidly in the party and it is going to achieve its record very soon as the most corrupted political party in Southeast Asia. If these disciplinary and management committees are really independent in sense of judgment and decisions, there should be no such negative activities anymore in the party, isn’t it so? The real wonder is its is rapidly growing and developing like nobody’s business at all.

So when comes to general elections in our nation, when there are claims of money politics and phantom voters being practically in use to buy voters and to shift voters’ choice over to their side, both Umno and the Elections Commission (EC) are quick to deny its existence saying that claims by the opposition are always out to tarnish Umno’s and the federal government’s image.

So, can you imagine what is the really funny here? During general elections, when opposition parties claimed money politics, vote buying and phantom voters at the Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) side, Umno is quick to deny that, but during the Umno party elections, when allegations of money politics, vote buying and phantom voters arise from within, the party leaders acknowledge its existence and they pledge to work on it and they are still working on it till today and they will continue to work on it for the rest of their lives.

The conclusion is, the opposition parties need not expose all these in the public because Umno itself had already exposes it themselves for decades. It is not the opposition parties who were out there to tarnish their image but it is Umno themselves who had already tarnish the image of their own. Umno is still in a denial mode and is on its way to self destruct.

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