Friday, February 13, 2009

7 April is the by-election date, a sabotage !

Well, the Elections Commission (EC) had today fixed the by-election dates for both DUN Bukit Selambau and Parlimen Bukit Gantang seats respectively.

It is believed that the by-election dates for these two constituencies are fixed on request of Umno via its federal government. Yes of course so because the EC comes under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister's Department. The EC chairman and secretary reports directly to the prime minister.

First, the by-election dates were fixed on 7 April because on March, Umno will be having its party elections and general assembly. Therefore infighting and factional rivalries are expected to be tense on that month. Therefore, Umno did not want its election to be concurrently held with the by-elections for fear of its own factional rift.

Second, the by-election dates were fixed on 7 April is also a working day. With this move, Umno is hoping to be able to prevent more voter turn out expected from those of Pakatan Rakyat supporters in order to try to gather their numbers to win them.

Third, by having the two by-elections on 7 April, Umno is hoping to gain some mileage by intensifying its media campaign onslaught against the Pakatan Rakyat a little more longer time frame.

So, this is the Umno-EC pact which aimed to sabotage the smooth democratic process of both by-elections.

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