Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Umno is the real treason in Perak crisis

From the beginning, we could see all sorts of hide and seek of the four Perak state assemblymen who later came out to claimed they had moved away from their respective parties and then, Umno came out in a press conference to claim power over the imbalance political situation and seek out to launch a coup d'etat to toppled the Perak Pakatan Rakyat state government and replaced it with a rebel state government led by Umno itself.

Because of such unconstitutional and undemocratic move by Umno to seize power, many people had protested it and questioned the legality of the power seizure, including our Pakatan Rakyat leaders and members.

Umno charge such protests and questions as being treason, as the Perak royalty had already made it decision to recognise the Umno rebel state government.

So, who was actually treason? It is most certain that Umno is definitely the one! Clear reasons and facts could well establish to prove that Umno had actually committed treason in the Perak crisis.

First, Umno committed treason against the people's will by launching a coup d'etat in the press conference, informing the general public that it had already seized power because of the 3 Pakatan Rakyat state assemblymen turned independent and the other one shamelessly walked back into Umno's fold.

What right has Umno got to confirmed to the press that it has the numbers to form the rebel state government? Shouldn't that supposed to be carried out in the state assembly sitting and then move a no-confidence vote to seek a formation of a new state government or to dissolve the state assembly whichever applicable? Why did Umno avoided the state assembly sitting? Because they have no confidence in the ad-hoc numbers that they had obtained? Is there a legality for Umno to move a "no-confidence" vote from the Perak state Umno headquarters against the Pakatan Rakyat state government instead of doing it at the state assembly sitting?

Second, Umno committed treason against the Perak royalty by moving a large number of its federal controlled security forces into the royal palace compound in Kuala Kangsar in order to ensure the rebel state government gets recognised by pressuring the Sultan of Perak even if it has been proven that there are imbalance and uncertainties in numbers from both BN-Umno and Pakatan Rakyat where an appropriate state election should be called to seek the people's mandate again.

Third, Umno with all the above treasons had in fact committed treason against the democratic institution of this country, treason against the Perak state constitution and treason against the Federal constitution which enshrined and affirmed that the people's will and mandate must be heard and fully respected.

Therefore, we had all know who is the real treason behind the Perak crisis and we urge the people to come forward together in full force to sentence Umno to death by voting them out in the next general elections and further, embrace a new national charter calling for a total destruction of Umno for its racist, violence, dictatorial and crime against our people in order to ensure freedom, democratic, justice and equality for all.

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