Friday, February 27, 2009

Shabudin insulted Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism and Bahai

The Penang Pakatan Rakyat state government had on early of this month set up a Religious Goodwill Council to foster and develop interfaith understanding and harmony among the various communities in the state.

This is Pakatan Rakyat’s effort to explore and build common universal values between religious communities. It helps to improve religious co-existence and understanding in our society.

It has been very unfortunate and disappointing that the Umno Permatang Berangan state assemblyman Shabudin Yahya had condemned the Penang state government’s effort as disrespect towards Islam as the country’s official religion.

Shabudin also claimed that the formation of an “interfaith council” by DAP, PKR and PAS in Penang state is something scary as the state government had made Islam to be seen as having the same status as Buddhism which was founded by a man called Gautama Buddha as well as Christianity, Taoism and Bahai.

Shabudin and Umno now insulted other religions in the name of Islam (or their political agenda) in order to create public disorder in the state by giving false information to the people on the state.

Besides, Shabudin and Umno also aimed to create disharmony amongst the multi-racial and multi-religious communities, hatred among all Malaysians and ethnics, so they could request the (Umno) federal government to declare a state of emergency in the Penang and Umno would move in eventually to take over state government by force.

Umno had became irrelevant and a poisonous sore in our nation’s politics. Just because they had ran out of ideas to entice the people to support them, Umno had resorted to instill and promote hatred and more hatred across the country in order to emerge as a particular race champion in event of an ethnic clash in our nation.

So, this is Umno with its fascist and racist policies of hate, hate, hate and nothing but only hatred toward the other community.

Therefore, we all Malaysians must come together and work towards preserving our national unity and we must also fight to prevent Umno from furthering its hate agendas in our nation. All of us must treasure our peaceful, harmonious and united multi-racial, multi-religious society in this nation for the benefits of our families, relatives, children, grandchildren and our next generations to come.

We must not let Umno ruin the national unity and peace of our nation anymore. Let us all put a stop to their racist and violent political venture now !

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