Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Plots, coups, sexual politics, democracy undermined

After the anti-investment drives in Penang, the Kinrara accusation in Selangor, the signboard sentiment in Penang again, then the Perak coup d’etat and now the latest sexual exploitation in Selangor, the one aimed to damage the reputation of the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat State government.

Another project of the supremacist Umno to tarnish the image of a state executive councilor in order to divert the attention from the Bukit Gantang Parliamentary and Bukit Selambau State seats’ by-elections, at the same time to gain some political mileage for their upcoming party and by-elections campaigns.

It seems that the Umno politics in our nation is getting dirtier than expected with more and more of such back door, illegal or “haram” measures being taken to undermine the other party’s governance. The Umno politicians no longer respect the normal democratic process as they knew that they had been dumped via democratic process because of their denial mode.

And now they are still in denial mode, cannot accept the fact that they had lost the general elections because of the irrelevance in their political ideology and beliefs, but instead they blamed the people for their defeat, they blamed the people for being immature and not continuing their support for them, they blamed the internet, weblogs, short messages systems, online chats and so on because with such technologies, our people were able to know the truth and make their judgment better when they cast their votes.

These Umno people kept on swaying from the facts and stubbornly maintained that they are politically and ideologically correct and would resort to any means even by undemocratic ways to ensure people toe to their line, policies, instructions and “ketuanan”.

That is why they resorted to lies, power seizure and now sexual exploitation to bring about the fall of an elected government which does not belong to their BN coalition. In near future, should their influence amongst the people begin to slide to the worst, will Umno resort to civil unrest, violence or even civil war in order to retake power from the people’s legally elected state governments?

Why do we say that if after all these lies, power seizures and sexual invasion and they still cannot undermine or topple anymore Pakatan Rakyat state governments, they may resort to civil unrest, violence or even civil war? We didn’t accuse them of their impending civil unrest, violence or even civil war actually! It was Umno themselves who had foreseen that they may partake such moves because they had undertook to do so during their party general assembly three year ago. The Umno delegates proposed bloodshed, blood bath, to repeat May 13, to use the “keris” for war, to burn down Kuala Lumpur and the top leaders endorsed all these resolutions.

Therefore, let us not vote for Umno or is stooges in the BN anymore from now on, be it general elections or by-elections. Send this message to your families and friends as many as you can in order to let them know the truth and the facts.

Do not let Umno undermine democracy, the unity of our people, the peace and harmony in our community and our nation with their selfish political motives and war mongering policies. Let us all send them our strong message that we do not need them anymore, we want peace, unity, democracy, equality, freedom and justice.

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