Friday, February 6, 2009

Most Perakians will not recognize Umno’s new state government

We believe most of our Perakians had on yesterday and today witnessed an event which no one will forget till the end. We all had witness how Umno had seized the state government by an illegal means, unconstitutional and in an unethical, immoral manner (corruption).

We had also seen how Umno launched its coup to topple a government elected by the people during the last year’s general elections. How Umno who currently still control the federal government had made use of various security agencies under its powers to wipe out the Perak state government from power and pressured the Perak Sultanate into recognizing the a new state Umno government which came into being to rival the existing legitimate state government on 4 February.

Therefore, as the result of such unconstitutional manner Umno carries into forming the new state government which is to be dominate by only Umno themselves, we are certainly assured that majority of our Perakians will not recognize the new state Umno government as a legitimate one because the new state Umno government was not elected by the people but was installed after a power seizure which was carried out unconstitutional way and in an immoral manner.

Most Perakians will still recognize the Pakatan Rakyat state government of Chief Minister Datuk Nizar Jamaluddin and his state executive councilors who has been forcefully vacated from their respective offices by the federal controlled security forces under Umno’s supervision.

Let us all tell our friends and our neighboring countries how unjust Umno has been treating its people and the various discriminations they had carried out onto our people. Let our friends of other nations know too of Umno’s political atrocities against our people, their crime against democracy and their dictatorial policies as well.

We therefore, declare the new Perak state Umno government as an illegal entity and urge the people not to deal with this illegal establishment by all means.

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