Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Liz Wong must stay on and fight for her rights

The Selangor state executive councillor Elizabeth Wong has been thrown into an embarassing situation by irresponsible parties who were out there to bring her down, tarnish her reputation and her government's as well.

In order to topple the people's elected government, they had done it in Perak and now they are eyeing Selangor as their next target. The politics of the other side or shall we call it the "dark side" had become even dirtier than we expect, as it happened unexpectedly.

We had seen and heard Elizabeth Wong saying that she had done nothing wrong and that is accurately true. She had not done anything wrong at all. This is a plot to destroy her reputation and image by the powerful politicians who are from the "dark side" and we could all hear their words and criticism now. They are standing out to talk about "goodness" like as they are the cleanest of all. We know who are they, they faces, their crimes and their pass misdeeds.

So, we strongly urge Elizabeth Wong to retract her resignation and continue her fight not only for her political survival but for justice, democracy, human rights, equality and freedom. You have yet to complete your task to the people.

Stay on and fight for our rights.

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