Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Perak Sultan urged to allow dissolution of state assembly

In the name of the people and in order to seek a fresh mandate from the people, we would like to urge the Sultan of Perak to approve the Mentri Besar’s proposal for the dissolution of the state assembly given to the fact that the Pakatan Rakyat state government balance of power has been affected following the Umno’s corruption and money politics in enticing the PKR duo to defect.

The Sultan of Perak must also understand that Umno is trying to launch a coup to retake the state government by an illegal means that is corruption and money politics. In order to disallow such an immoral move from being materialized by Umno, the Sultan must return the mandate to the people instead of allowing corruption and money politics takes its place.

We must not allow Umno to terrorize the Perak state with its corrupt practice and immoralities. The people of Perak should be given an opportunity to make their stand on this matter with their votes. Please allow democracy to take place.

1 comment:

The Malaysian Explorer said...

we shall all await the decision of the sultan. keeping fingers cross.......

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