Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why all the confusion, instability, terror and fear?

As we know the uncertainties of the current economy, following the global financial crisis with job losses on the rise due to closure of businesses and factories, lack of supplies on certain foods and items, rising crimes as the result of lack of security, dissatisfaction amongst people on rising cost of living and so on, the BN and Umno leader had yet to wake up despite the verdict given by the people in last year’s general election.

Instead of accepting its losses and the verdict of the people, and carry on with its task to improve the livelihood of the people by cooperating with the state governments in face of the current economic situation, Umno chooses to ignore them and continue with their politicking in the Pakatan Rakyat led states in order to create more confusion, instability, terror and fear.

With these measures, Umno is hoping to take the advantage by toppling the respective elected state governments and to regain control of these state administrations by using the people’s funds from the BN controlled federal government. Millions of ringgit are poured into the political scene in Perak in order to entice the state assemblymen of the existing government to crossover to the BN to enable its numbers in the state assembly to increase.

The millions in cash which were now rolling in the Perak Umno politics are generate from the people via taxation, revenues, fees and several other statutory payments are now being politically used by Umno for its own political benefit in order to regain power by all means.

Our money, or should we call it public funds is being used in such a way like nobody’s business. Those funds are being freely misused as those who are in power at Putrajaya are Umno leaders who call the shots.

Umno now uses all these funds for their political means to promote more confusion, instability, terror and fear amongst people. Perak has been destabilized, Kedah might be the next with one of its state exco member lodging a police report over his family’s safety recently.

This is Umno’s political agenda. The terror and fear agenda.

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