Saturday, February 7, 2009

We challenge Perak Umno to call for state election

Since Perak Umno had now formed the rebel state government following their power seizure from the Pakatan Rakyat’s administration on grounds of the assemblymen’s defection, we are challenging them to call for a fresh state election in order to determine the reality of our people’s choice.

The Perak Umno rebel state government should be brave enough not to hide themselves and prove their sincerity in wanting to boost their popularity with the people, if they claim to have support from the majority of the people.

The Perak Umno leaders as well as its top leaders in Putrajaya should also realize that the rebel state government which they established today is not an elected one as it was obtained via seizure of power by force.

If you have the sufficient popular support in the state as claimed by you, then prove your worth and dissolve the state assembly to make way for a fresh state election.

Otherwise, you are all cowards.

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