Friday, January 30, 2009

Respect the deceased, Syed Hamid told

The home affairs minister Datuk Syed Hamid Albar should properly respect the family members of the deceased police detainee and not condemning them as a family of criminals instead.

Syed Hamid should have acted professionally as a minister by offering condolences to the bereaved family and not branding the family as part of the crime.

By immediately passing the judgment to the deceased as a convicted criminal, when even the court of law has not even give its judgment, Syed Hamid had demonstrated his immature attitude towards a human being. He as a lawyer himself should have acted and think rationally and not emotionally.

So, what about those policemen who were now under investigation for the torture and murder of the deceased suspect? Is Syed Hamid going to hail them as not guilty and hero instead?

We want to advise Syed Hamid, the more arrogance you show in this case the more resistance you will receive from the public and even if the deceased suspect has been proven for his crimes (car theft), he will be hailed as a hero instead.

Therefore, Syed Hamid should tone down his arrogance and show his respect to the public by acting as a gentleman and inform the people and the said family that he shall not comment further until the judiciary process takes place and give its judgments.

As a minister, he should not be overly one-sided and too emotional in critical issues which had been made known to the general public.

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