Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A vote for BN is a vote to Umno's supremacy

A vote for BN is a vote for so many issues that that matters. If we could list them out it could be possible in a lots of pages needed.

A vote of BN is defenitely a vote for Umno's division chairmen, Umno's branch chairmen, Umno's contractors, Umno's sub-contractors, Umno's business corporations, Umno's dominancy, Umno's racism, Umno's violence, Umno's supremacist, Umno's arrogance, Umno's monopolies, Umno's capitalism, Umno's "pendatang" policies, Umno's wealth, Umno's "mat rempits", Umno's newspapers, medias, television stations and so on.

If we vote for BN it means we will make Umno leaders wealthier, richer and dominant over the people and our communities. In the end where will all our income tax goes to? Think about it, think of the future for this country of ours.

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