Saturday, January 3, 2009

BN says no worries and be happy !

Did you know recently, the deputy finance minister Datuk Kong Cho Ha had said in the parliament that the ongoing global financial crisis had only caused a minimal damage to our country’s economic situation. He said Malaysia only felt the minimum impact of the global financial crisis and therefore we need not worry so much on the effects.

No wonder there are no measures at all taken by the BN federal government to curb the impact of the global economic crisis. In Penang itself we now had about more than 2,000 out of job and we are expected to add another few hundred by early of 2009. In Sarawak, 1,500 is already confirmed to be out of job by next March. In areas of Selangor like Shah Alam, Port Klang and Johor’s Senai, the figures are also there but not yet reported as some of these affected companies are trying to keep these impact as low profile as possible. Our neighbour, Singapore is also feeling the impact as well.

So, BN says no worries at this moment, be happy!

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