Wednesday, January 21, 2009

BN govt orders federal officers to refuse allocations

The instruction issued by the minister in the prime minister's department Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to all federal officers in the Pakatan Rakyat held Perak state to refuse any allocations and funds to the village committees and the people is the sign of the Barisan Nasional (BN) government's direspect of the state government elected by the people and its action also contravened with the federal consittution which ensure all democratic principles are adhered to.

This shows the BN government is still in a denial mode, they refused to respect the people's choice and instead working on organising resistance against the state government by establishing rival federal village committees to counter the original state village committees which has been in existence more than 30 years ago.

The BN government's intention is clear, they wanted to split the people and the government by witholding funds and allocation to the state so it will not develop.

It is believed that the instructions to the federal officers to refuse allocations and funds to the people will soon be channel to the other Pakatan Rakyat held states as well.

Therefore, the people should realise how direspectful of the BN not only towards the people who had made their choice of electing the Pakatan Rakyat into the five states, but also federal constitution as well.

We must also let the BN know that, those funds and allocation also belongs to the people and not any other party, be it Umno, MCA, MIC or Gerakan.

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