Saturday, January 3, 2009

KDN’s ban on Herald unreasonable

The home affairs ministry (KDN) decision to ban the Catholic daily’s Herald publication in Bahasa Malaysia has been criticized and condemned as being unjust and does not reflect the federal government’s recognition on its local religious activities.

Instead, the KDN approval only allows the Herald to publish its articles in English, Chinese and Tamil. According to the editor of the Herald publication, the editorial is considering a possible legal action against the federal government and the ministry should these issues remain unresolved till then.

Can we imagine how ashamed we are for being disallowed to use our own national language if this were to make known to other people of different countries and region? The federal government’s move to ban the usage of Bahasa Malaysia in the Herald publication is a direct implication that the authorities were afraid of the so-called “conversion” onto the dominant community of this nation which might be carried out by the said Catholic daily.

In our federal constitution, the freedom of multi religious practice are guaranteed but in somehow restricted by the fact that to protect one religion which wanted to remain dominant and in control of the other religions. Is this really fair anyway?

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armadia16 said...

i agree 100% with the government..and what they did was totally right..actually the word Allah can only be used by both muslims and some certain christian who live in the middle east..but in malaysia, the christian people are entirely non-arabic they dont deserve to use the word Allah in their Herald eventhough it is printed in fully malay because there's also malay also has their own word for god, for instance 'Tuhan'..and these catholic press is purposely trying to cause a turmoil against the muslims in this country..and indeed they refuse to believe in islam because they are ignorant and afraid since Islam is the real religion of addition, every language has their own word to refer english we call god, in malay we call tuhan, in arabic we call Allah and so in other languages..the absolute reason why the government has put a ban on Herald is because the word Allah can only be used by the muslims as the language used in the muslim prayer is arabic..the reason why the muslim prayer is recited in arabic is to prevent the man-induced alteration of prayer so that the prayer recitation will become unchanged until the end of the day..and of course the christian in malaysia dont deserve to use the word Allah in any of their newspress as the usage of the word is completely off beam and inappropriate..since the medium of the christian is english, so why dont they retain their religion in english? why must they use foreign language that belongs to other religion.? is this done on purpose? if the catholic herald still insists to use the word Allah, it would be better if they convert to islam so that they can use the word infinitely without causing angerness towards other religion...and the catholic press action of putting the word Allah is just to show the non-believers ignorance to the muslim..the muslims will always be strong from any attacks from the hostile of islam because the muslims have jihad..unlike other religions that only teach their adherents to insult other religions..for instance, christianity..its not a condemnation to the christianity, but this happens in almost every christian majority usa..try to ponder it...