Tuesday, January 6, 2009

By-elections and development projects

As we know the by-election for the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary constituency starts today with its nomination roll on. Previously, a by-election was held in Permatang Pauh parliamentary constituency and PKR made a clean sweep on the seat with at ease.

Did you know when any by-elections comes to a designated area following the death or disqualification of the incumbent member of parliament or state assemblyman, the Barisan Nasional government is quick to upload its development plans and proceed with its projects earlier or even additional projects were put in to justify its intended victory in the areas concerned.

A simple phrase for this, the BN government will only develop an area whenever a by-election is held. Look at the roads leading into the villages are properly and nicely tarred, traffic lights and street lamps were installed, schools were given additional allocations and funds, drainage systems were upgraded into concrete ones, roads after being tarred were re-aligned, government offices and school buildings or even low and medium cost flats were re-painted in a very nice form, gardens and housing estates were renewed and beautified with fresh flowers and plants and so on.

When we go to the ground and asked those people and village folks of all these new projects and efforts put up by the BN machinery to gain the voters’ support, their answers are “these projects, applications and request were made about 10 to 20 years ago and it never even come, because according to the BN Yang Berhormat, they do not have enough allocations to fulfill all the projects, unless there is a by-election, then all these projects will come in very fast, faster than a lightning and it even came without being asked to”. Another villager said “the road in front of my house has never being tarred for over 35 years and when a by-election comes, the BN machinery came with the Jabatan Kerjaraya (JKR) personnel to have it tarred from one end to the other”.

So, the questions here are, is the BN government really serious and sincere in providing our people developments, enhancements, projects, upgrading, allocations, funds and public benefits? If the BN leaders keep on emphasizing on developments and funding and claimed that only BN could carry on with all these activities, why don’t they bring them over to us at the first place and wait only until a by-election instead? If a by-election never take place for instance, will all these developments and funding come, or should we say actually there is none at all.

We hope the people and voters will be able to judge between sincerity and commitment. Is the BN really sincere or committed to channel the developments and funds to the people all these while? Are they trying to bribe the people and the voters into voting BN whenever a by-election takes place?

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