Monday, April 20, 2009

Umno can never learn

We just still cannot understand why BN-Umno still cannot realize and do not want to learn from their mistakes they had did and are still doing now.

In the case of Pakatan Rakyat, they did as per their principles and stand. Once they find they can no longer accept their elected representatives tainted with corruptions, they will remove them from office.

We see this as a noble thing to do as once you are perceived as tainted or corrupted, you will be always subject to threats and it will compromise your ethics and works. Apart from that, if you are tainted and corrupted, the institution that you are working for will also be affected as people may perceive the entire institution as tainted as well.

We all know that more people are getting tired with by-elections one after another but the people also knows that this is the right move to flush out all compromised representatives and leaders.

This is supposedly how our private sectors are doing it to their employees to ensure integrity of a company is not tarnished with such practices. And our country’s system should also be working in such manner to ensure integrity of public office is maintained.

From here, we could also see that Umno and its BN lackeys are still in denial mode. Their leaders, ministers, deputy ministers and mentris besar had been tainted and corrupted for decades and no one dare to take measures to remove them from office. And that is why the entire institution of the BN and Umno all over the nation completely tainted with corruptions, money politics, power abuses and a lot more.

And yet they still dare, shamelessly talk about other people who are out there doing their best to ensure their housekeeping is in order.

BN and Umno should look at themselves at the mirror first before they comment and condemn other parties for conducting their own clean up. In fact, BN and Umno themselves have been tainted for decades and they did not bother to ensure the integrity of their organizations are maintained but instead letting it spread from bad to worst in order to benefit and enrich their cronies and political allies.

Now, BN and Umno are complaining that they are running out of funds and money because of too many by-elections which they have to contest and blamed Pakatan Rakyat of playing politics in such way. If they are really short of funds or cash right now because of the previously several failed by-elections contests, then they should not contest in the upcoming by-election in the Penanti state constituency and let Pakatan Rakyat win unopposed. Don’t blame Pakatan Rakyat just because you cash and funds has been reduced.

BN and Umno should also realize that, knowing that they are going to lose most of the by-elections, they still stubbornly contested it and misused all the government machineries and funds to support them by providing the strongest ever resources to their candidates. Isn’t all these wastage of public funds and money?

And if BN and Umno were to realize their potential losses and mistakes earlier, they would have withdraw from most of the by-elections and avoid any further contests. With this, they will be able to help save billions of ringgit.

So, why blame Pakatan Rakyat for all your funds drained dry? BN-Umno should blame themselves and not Pakatan Rakyat and not the people for being “ungrateful”. Their mindsets, thinking and maturity are still behind time and they are almost outdated with no political wisdom at all.

It is a clear fact that BN and Umno are still in denial mode, they felt too hard and too difficult to change, to reform and diverse, and that is why they can never change at all.

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