Thursday, April 16, 2009

Party's request baffling

By: Kalaichelvan

ONE is baffled by MIC’s argument that it needs more cabinet space to serve the Indian community better when one wonders why the need for cabinet positions to serve the community?

Political parties like Parti Sosialis Malaysia have been serving the communities without any cabinet positions so what is MIC’s point here or is MIC requesting the additional space for serving its members better?

Political parties in Malaysia often struggle to differentiate between their own members and the communities they are to serve when it comes to enriching the people. But why is MIC asking for more cabinet positions when its president only requested for one minister and two deputies in his meeting with the prime minister just two days before the announcement of the new cabinet?

They got what they asked for and this is the same president, who for the last 30 years was happy with the 1+2 cabinet space when he himself was a minister in the cabinet. He may have occupied a bigger space in the cabinet before but the Indian community has none the less never benefited from it then, so why should it now when nothing else has changed with MIC?

One should negotiate for more from a position of strength and not from a position of weakness, which is what MIC is today and sinking further by the day. There have been no signs of recovery from its disastrous performance in the last general elections; the Indian community has by and large walked away from MIC, rendering it irrelevant to its welfare and its re-branding exercise is all form without content. This latest song and dance by MIC for more cabinet space is yet another sign of desperate times signalling the nearing to the end of an ailing political party that was once relevant to the Indian community.

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