Monday, April 27, 2009

Perak state assembly sitting on 7 May illegal

The state assembly sitting in Perak scheduled on 7 May next month which was called by the rebel menteri besar Dr Zambry Abd Kadir is deemed illegal because it did not adhere by the procedures of the state assembly and therefore, unconstitutional.

Besides, the Speaker V.Sivakumar was not even aware of the intended state assembly sitting which was planned by the rebel state government believed to be aimed at ousting him.

According to the Speaker’s newly appointed state assembly secretary Misbahhul Munir Masduki, the former state assembly secretary Abdullah Antung was suspended from his position because he had breached the procedures of the assembly by receiving an unconstitutional instruction from the rebel menteri besar to convene for the assembly sitting without the knowledge of the Speaker.

The call for the state assembly sitting should be made by the Speaker himself who will then instruct the assembly secretary to inform the Sultan for consent to convene the assembly sitting. Upon obtaining the consent from the Sultan, the Speaker will then issue the notices of invitation to all state assemblymen to attend the state assembly sitting.

The situation now is otherwise, the rebel menteri besar Dr Zambry Abd Kadir was making the call and instructed the former state assembly secretary Abdullah Antung to convene the sitting on his behalf, without even informing the Speaker. Since the Speaker was unaware of the sitting, who illegally signed the notices of invitation then? Did Dr Zambry himself sign it as “acting speaker”? Or Abdullah might have signed it by putting “bagi pihak Speaker”.

In this case, Dr Zambry illegally acted as a speaker, thus sidelining Sivakumar completely. The rebel menteri besar had in fact ignored the constitutional rights and powers of the Speaker and insulted the state constitution.

After proclaiming himself a menteri besar of the rebel state government, Dr Zambry now wanted to proclaim himself a speaker to chair the state assembly. Perak Umno is about to stage a second rebellion and coup d’etat against the state of Perak and its constitution.

Ketuanan Umno is now above the law, above the constitution, above the sultanate or they might even claim to be above Allah s.w.t. or God in near future.

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