Thursday, April 9, 2009

BN and Umno badly defeated in two by-elections

We had seen recently that Pakatan Rakyat’s PKR and PAS candidates had handsomely won their respectively state and parliamentary seats with increased majorities despite open and continuous attacks by both BN and Umno to undermine the opposition coalition with negative reports and publicities.

Still Pakatan Rakyat overcame all these obstacles without any problems. In Bukit Selambau, PKR’s S.Manikumar won with 10,229 votes with a majority of 2,403 which was higher than 2,362 which they gained in last year’s general election. At Bukit Gantang, PAS won the seat in 2008 with a majority of 1,566 votes but this time round with Near Jamaluddin contesting, he gained with an increased majority of 2,789 votes where he garnered 21,860 votes.

It proves that the people of both constituencies had not forgiven BN and Umno yet for what they had done i.e. racism, violence, threat, ISA, corruption, money politics and a lot more.

In Perak’s Bukit Gantang, the result was very clear. The people openly demonstrated their dissatisfaction and rejected Umno’s coup d’etat on February which saw the legally elected state government has been undemocratically toppled and replaced with a rebel state government led by Umno.

It was a moral victory for Nizar who once lead the Pakatan Rakyat state government in Perak until four of its state assemblymen defected after being enticed by Umno who later capitalized the defection by seizing power by undemocratic means i.e. having called for an illegal state assembly sitting at the Perak Umno headquarters to pass a “no-confidence” motion to topple Nizar and his state government.

In this case, the Umno-led Perak rebel state government must accept their defeat and call for the dissolution of the state assembly to pave way for a new state election. First of all, will they dare to face the people again? Certainly not, they are too scared of the people’s power.

In Kedah’s Bukit Selambau, it has been clear despite so many attempts by BN-Umno to discredit Pakatan Rakyat with numerous publicities of “defection” of PKR members, Manikumar managed to overcome the attack by gaining a far more sounding majority.

The loss for the BN’s candidate from MIC also dealt another blow to its party president Samy Vellu who himself had lost his Sungai Siput parliamentary seat in last year’s general election.

The victories have brought to four by-elections wins by Pakatan Rakyat after the earlier victories in Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu. It significantly shows that the Malaysians want to change irrespective of the new prime minister. The people still want change and they are stronger in their support for Pakatan Rakyat.

There is nothing else BN and Umno could do now. The people are fed up with their old style of conservative stories and politics, coupled with already widely known corruptions, money politics, supremacist ideas, violence, threats and racist politics.

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