Saturday, April 18, 2009

In that case, give us a walkover

If the Penanti by-election was a waste of time and money as suggested by the prime minister, Anwar suggested that BN spared the trouble by letting PKR retain the seat.

What the PKR advisor said is reasonable, if BN and Umno feel that it will be waste of time and money and they are not confident of capturing the seat, don't contest the seat as they too will be wasting their money, time and resources.

Furthermore, it was BN and Umno who are spending billions of ringgit via government machineries to assist its candidates who are contesting while Pakatan Rakyat's resources are limited.

It is certain that BN and Umno's fundings are now drying up and that is why they are complaining about wasting time and money. If they have think of that earlier, and withdraw their candidates from the earlier by-elections, billions of ringgit could as well being saved.

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