Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dr M to lead Umno campaign in Penanti

We are so glad to hear that former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad is willing to lead the Umno’s campaign machinery in the upcoming by-election in Penanti state constituency.

Let us all welcome him and his team to campaign for their Umno candidate and the results would be terrific and wonderful.

As reported in the Malaysiakini recently, Dr Mahathir had stated his willingness to lead the Umno campaign machinery to storm the PKR stronghold as part of his revenge against PKR Advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Dr Mahathir wanted to “finish off” Anwar once and for all via the Penanti by-election.

In order for him to seek revenge on Anwar, Dr Mahathir is now seems to be pressuring the current Umno president and prime minister Datuk Najib Razak have the party contest in the by-election. Earlier Najib had indicated that the party may not be contesting in the by-election citing wastage of party and government funds, added that the by-election was nothing but a PKR political ploy which the Umno should not be involved with.

While the Najib faction favours a no-contest in Penanti, the Mahathir faction is putting up its pressure onto the Najib faction to take up the contest at the state constituency which is pre-dominantly a Malay majority area.

Will the Najib faction bow to Mahathir’s pressure then? And if Najib were to bow to Mahathir, what will Najib be at the end? Looks like Mahathir is beginning to overshadowing Najib and is he willing to allow Mahathir to control his administration?

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