Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gerik Umno youth leaders arrested for drugs

We got to know from our fellow bloggers via Malaysiakini that four leaders of the Umno youth belonged to Umno Gerik Division has been arrested by the Thai police force in Betong for smuggling drug-related ecstasy pills last week on 10 April.

According to a reliable source, the division Umno youth leaders were then being detained at a police lock up in Bentong police station awaiting trial. Then on 12 April, it was reported that the Gerik Umno division chairman who is also the former Perak menteri besar, Datuk Seri Tajol Rosli Ghazali had gone over the Betong, Thailand together with the division information chief to seek their release from the Thai police detention.

In order to seek the release of his youth divisional leaders, Tajol had to fork out about RM60,000 to pay the Thai police in order to have the drug charges against them dropped.

According to another source who is attached to the Gerik District Police headquarters, the police here has been observing these Umno youth leaders’ activities who frequently misused the party division’s van for some time but due to the pressure of some local top Umno leaders in Gerik, there is nothing they could do as attempts to arrest them at the Perak side were always blocked following interference from the local top Umno leaders.

Fed up and frustrated with the situation, the Gerik police decided to inform their counterparts in Thailand in order to have them arrested at the other side of the border.

And this is what Umno’ supremacist order is. Umno leaders who hold onto their ketuanan always enjoy being above the law and they are doing what they like be it against the law and order. Because they are above the law!

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