Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Third coup d’etat expected in Perak

Another coup d’etat is expected to take place in Perak on 7 May next month when the state assembly sitting is to be convened by the Perak rebel menteri besar Dr Zambry Abd Kadir.

Why do we see this as another coup attempt? Because Dr Zambry and his rebel state government wanted to overthrow the state assembly speaker V.Sivakumar with unconstitutional and undemocratic means. Sivakumar as speaker was not notified at all on the planned state assembly sitting on 7 May organized by the rebel state government.

That means in their motion to convene the state assembly proceeding, the speaker does not exist at all. Dr Zambry had in fact taken over the role of the speaker from Sivakumar and this action clearly shows disrespect on the normal democratic process and totally unconstitutional. Besides, it was also reported that Dr Zambry and his rebel state government also planned to oust Sivakumar when the state assembly convene on 7 May.

First of all is this state assembly legal? It is an illegal one as the speaker was sidelined from the entire process and proceedings, from planning, administration, notification right down to documentations. There is no justice at all now in Perak, which is now under the dictatorship of the rebel state government led by Umno.

Umno supremacist had reign control all over Perak now. They are above the law and they can do anything they like according to their wish and so on. With Umno in power now in Perak, the drug-related ecstasy pills business which being managed by Umno Grik division is also fast expanding.

The second coup d’etat previously was Perak Umno mobilized their supporters and with the assistance of the federal security forces stormed the state assembly building and prevented our state assemblymen from convening a sitting despite being called by the speaker. By storming and confiscating the state assembly building at that time means denying the democratic rights of the state assemblymen and the people who had voted in their representatives to speak for them.

Well, every one of us knew what was the first coup d’etat like. It happened when three state assemblymen from Pakatan Rakyat became independent, and the Perak Umno state assemblymen quickly convened their state assembly sitting at the Perak Umno headquarters which is chaired by their self-proclaimed “speaker” Najib Razak, because they did not want the lawful speaker Sivakumar to step into the Perak Umno building. The result of the state assembly sitting in the Perak Umno headquarters was a no-confidence motion was passed by all the Umno state assemblymen together with the three recently turned independent state assemblymen, which toppled the elected Perak state government under the leadership of Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin.

Therefore, when the third coup d’etat takes place on 7 May, Perak Umno is expected to mobilize their radicals and the federal security forces again to prevent the democratic rights from taking its place in Perak. Democracy is already dead in Perak. A ruthless rebel state government is now in charge.

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