Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Muhyiddin said Chinese were being ungrateful

The newly appointed deputy prime minister and Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin recently said that the Chinese voters are being so ungrateful in voting for the Pakatan Rakyat and continue deceiving Umno and Barisan Nasional in the recently concluded by-elections.

Looks like Muhyiddin and his Umno colleagues are still in denial mode. They still do not believe in the spirit of democracy and choose instead to blame the entire Chinese community for their continuous election failures and defeats.

They cannot realize what went wrong in their party and their beliefs. They had forgotten what they had did to Perak recently and what they had done to the other innocent people by harassing and arresting them, then put them in prisons and detentions without trial.

Muhyiddin and his Umno colleagues had forgotten that they talked about racism, political hatreds, revenge, violence and incite provocations. They thought by showing off their threats and warnings, our people would be afraid and vote for them in fear.

The Umno mindsets are totally outdated and cannot be changed anymore. Umno did not want to see a full, free and fair system of parliamentary democracy in Malaysia and denied that Malaysians had made their choice but put the entire blame instead onto the Chinese community.

As we had already knew, Umno had blatantly rejected Gerakan’s Malaysian Malaysia, DAP’s Malaysian First and even the Vision 2020’s Bangsa Malaysia. So, what does Najib’s OneMalaysia actually mean?

OneMalaysia will definitely fail just like Bangsa Malaysia had, because as long as Umno continues its reign over our nation, ketuanan Melayu (actually ketuanan Umnoputras) will always be there. Their arrogance and supremacist ideas will remain. How is OneMalaysia going to be materialized anyway?

Muhyddin’s statement also gives a very, very clear impression that the Umno leadership had refused to accept the facts and verdict that happened in the “8 March political tsunami” last year.

Besides, Najib’s OneMalaysia slogan and concept had also made some Umno leaders uneasy as if this concept is materialized, it may jeopardize their ketuanan and supremacist position in the party and our nation.

So, is OneMalaysia really going to be translated into a firm directive, policies and programs? On one condition, Umno must be disbanded at all cost and will Najib able to accept that?

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